For Moderate Risk Junkie/Audiophiles

Here’s a good use for the cold gripping Parts of the World. Skate with friends in case you fall in. Do not try in -50 conditions.

Or stay at home, throw another log on the fire, and listen to the video with headphones.

(Cheers to my brother Paul for sending me this)


I want to do this! Incredible!

This made my day!



First one, then the other. You decide what order.

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Nice choice!

Waiting for the Speed Skaters to weigh in. It’ll be interesting to see who posts more, the Whiskey Drinkers or the Speed Skaters ; )

Who has the longest blades. I remember as a teenager, one of my brothers had an old pair of (allegedly) kangaroo-hide, long-bladed skates. Came up just over the ankle, no support whatsoever except when fully on top of the blades and in motion. Ankle-breakers for sure.

You said throw a log on the fire and listen to the video over headphones. I thought the whiskey would complete the experience.

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That Lagavulin put me on the right spirit for winter sports.


Right island, wrong whisky. Biased response from one who favours Ardbeg.

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Islay all the way!

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No way man! It’s all about Speyside, :sunglasses:

Not peated enough for my taste. Honourable exception for Glen Grant, which the Swedish State Liquor Agency quixotically decided to price below the level of almost all blended whiskies during my time in the country.

That’s a really nice setup there with the Sprout.

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Kentucky Bourbon!!!