Sneak Peek of Audio Valhalla

Due to US entry ban still active we decided to divert our travel plans to Denmark. We found a last minute camping slot in Silkeborg. That happens to be the home town of Buchardt Audio.

Mads Buchardt was there personally and demonstrated and explained the technology behind all Buchardt speakers. We had a chance to listen to the S400 and A500 with different master tunes. Magnificent pieces, such a great sound out of so small boxes. The Buchardt stands finish the Danish design off.

The grey Oak S400 Signature were too big of a temptation to match with our recently purchased NAD M33 with Atlas Hyper 3.5 speaker cables.

Since we were at the place where the speakers are being designed we got a chance to see many prototypes of existing models and other interesting stuff.

A morning for an Audio enthousiast in Audio Valhalla.

@michael-denmark, thanks for the suggestions to Buchardt Audio.

@Aangen, Mads told me Gryphon is in Ry on the other end of the lake from where Buchardt is located. I won’t go there. As that is a couple of bridges too far for my budget.

I can definitely recommend Jutland, Mid Denmark :denmark: for vacation for Audiophiles and enthousiasts.


I’m glad you met Mads. I hope we meet when you return to Denmark one day.

We will Michael. We are not gone yet. It is very beautiful here in the Danish Lake District. We are in Ry right now with the mountain bikes.

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Where do you get to? then I’m coming

We are coming your way. Tomorrow afternoon / evening. Please see 1864 PM.

I was rather excited to actually meet with @michael-denmark face to face in Denmark. A brief encounter, but perhaps not the last!


  • beautiful Sea Coasts and Lakes,
  • lots of beautiful Danish Design shops, not the dull brands you see in every city, but nice shops,
  • Lego House and LEGOLAND in Billund
  • and not the least the very friendly Danish people.

I mean very friendly. We did groceries in the supermarket and couldn’t pay wireless. Only with debit card that we did not carry with us. Somebody saw us being in an awkward situation and payed for us. Gave us their address and trusted that we would pay back personally, which we did. Maybe a rare example but all people are friendly.

So, lots of fun for the entire family.

Thanks to Mads Buchardt for the interesting demonstration of the speakers at Buchardt Audio in Virklund, Silkeborg, Denmark.

End of August I hope to be able to compare the S400 signature speakers to the Canton Vento’s.


Nice hat!

I am proudly wearing it. Because the comment about friendly people certainly extends to the people in Texas as well.

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Thank you for a wonderful experience. You will always be welcome here with us.

More love Michael

We pack my A700

Anyone who appreciates the vintage Infinity’s is OK in my book. My first speakers, the Infinity RSIIa(b).

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