What are your audiophile recordings for system evaluation and setup?

I created a Tidal list of Paul’s Picks as did someone else. I’m not sure which is which. Here is the one I have saved in Tidal.

This Playlist is the one someone else configured. Mine is in Roon and uses 30 tracks from my library. This one is someone else’s.

Since I don’t have a PS Audio streaming device (sorry…) I am not able to see what’s in that playlist you posted. Can you post it in plain text…?

Here are some links:

Here’s a playlist of my test songs covering a wide range of styles. I’m using Roon / Tidal (and a NAS) / Bridge II / DirectStream DAC.

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The Holy Trinity.

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Just mentioned these One Mic recordings at another thread. These completely phase coherent recordings are highly recommended. I think they are superb for speaker placement. They received a very well written 5 star review ;
" Review about One Mic Recording by Joe Whip at Audiophile Style.

…These guys and this recording just rocks. Pace, rhythm, tone and soundstage are just off the charts.
The precise placement of all four of the musicians perfectly matches the photos of the sessions.
The balance of all four instruments is darn near perfect. As you can no doubt tell, I am a huge fan of this recording.
It is one of the best in terms of recording quality I have ever heard. Of course, and as always,
your view of the actual music content may vary quite considerably from mine.
Nonetheless, I think we would all agree that this recording sounds sensational…"



@audiophile, the samples on the Sound Liaison site sound great, but how do you send these to the DS DAC?


yeah, very intrigued by these. Feenbrothers’ Dave Brubeck album is excellent. I’ll sample others.

But curious what systems/DACs can play the DXD files. I’ll do some more investigating but what are you playing these through? Using Roon? Or as @tony22 asks, a DS DAC? (I’m using a mac mini with Roon, so far lower down the food chain.)

I could skip the DXD file and just do the 352 kHz FLAC, which I’m sure would sound bananas awesome on my system anyway.

I put the DXD files (which have WAV extensions :thinking:) on a USB stick last night. I’m going to see what happens when I plug it into the DMP front USB port.

wellllll roon can handle wav files so maybe it ain’t no big deal for my humble world

The DS’s USB input handles DXD just fine as do the I2S inputs (e.g. from the DMP)

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But Ted, how does one get the DMP to play DXD files? I tried using the USB port on the front of the DMP, but it just seemed to lock up.

I meant to say in the other thread that I don’t know if the USB stick will work well with DXD, but that it was worth a try. I guess the more I think about it the less I think it would work. Sorry.

Killer Playlist!!!

Do you have a Qobuz playlist we could copy and load?

@dew1551 - I attempted to build this playlist in Qobuz but either the music is not yet licensed in the US or I was unsuccessful in my searches for each track/album.

I really wish I could compose this as a playlist and share it - I will give it another shot.

This is my evaluation list.

The first track tells you already a lot. It should sound just perfect…

Sorry for the quick and short post, as I need to run and will be away for the weekend. But I thought it’s inspirational and hopefully joy for some of you for the weekend…