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Hey JeffofArabica and ronaldwanders, just wanted to thank you both for sharing your playlists! I am a new Qobuz user (Tidal convert) and the sound quality of these tracks is amazing!! “After Midnight” by Hanne Boel from Best of Axpona is absolutely killer! Thanks again!


You are very welcome! There are a lot of great songs in these playlists which should keep you busy for awhile!

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I am having issue with the Qobuz Desktop application on Windows 10. i install the app then log in and very quickly the site locks up wee nothing works. Is anyone else having this issue?


I’ve been having Qobuz login issues lately. I reset my password and it’s OK. For now. I keep rebooting my Roon Server to maintain Qobuz and Tidal integration. It’s hard to tell if it’s Roon or Qobuz. Roon did an update and there seem to be issues . My guess is both are having issues. My Qobuz account is US Beta

No issues here and I have both US and UK accounts for now. No Roon though but have three streamers running three different software packages.

@magicknow @watchdog507

I use Qobuz for years now and the Qubuz app always had lots of issues. I use it on my Mac and my iPhone and mostly it’s a struggle. Since I have Roon I use that, or Audirvana also, but not that much. Qubuz and Audirvana are French you know, the French and software don’t go very well together… :joy:

For instance: I use Qobuz on my iPhone when I am cold. That thing heats up like a MF in a second when I start playing music. On my Mac I don’t even dare to upgrade the app anymore, because I got it to where it’s working now.

Other than that: Roon has a formidable amount of high res music and a near perfect integration with Roon, Audirvana and Squeezebox. I think with time and our trust and money they will fix everything to where we all will be happy campers…!


Streaming Qobuz for years and never having any issues whatsoever, using BubbleUPnP as control point on Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab) and/or the Qobuz native app in shared function with BubbleUPnP. Solid as a rock !!

Hoi Wijber,

Getting closer & closer to dumping my Apple crap and buy me some real hardware…

Hallo Ronald,

Ordered BridgeII the moment it was released and started streamingTidal using i-Pad air. Shortly after subscribed to Qobuz too. But although quite reliable i didn’t like mConnectcontrolHD.

After reading about BubbleUPnP i decided to buy an Android Galaxy Tab. Never had any regrets about that, loving Bubble’s interface & functionality and preferring streaming without the use of any computer in the chain.

After purchasing a Melco N1ZS10 network player SQ changed for the better, also giving the opportunity to stream via USB given its Tidal- and Qobuz integration. Just recently i decided to remove BridgeII, as the Matrix outperforms BridgeII by miles :grinning:

So @wijber, do you think that Android is a better environment for Qobuz than iOS…? Because, without kidding, I know quite a lot about iOS and OSX but that damn Qobuz app sucks, to say the least…!

Don’t know @ronaldwanders, tbh streaming Qobuz & Tidal via the mConnectcontrol- and Melco app (both Conversdigital) on i-Pad is reliable too. However i’ve found they’re not user friendly, not looking good and don’t offer good overview. Unfortunately it’s not (yet?) possible to stream Qobuz via the Melco/Matrix using its native app…

I’m a happy camper using BubbleUPnP which is Android only.
Solid as a rock with a nice and clear interface offering good Qobuz/Tidal/Dropbox/Onedrive etc.integration -one search delivers both Tidal and Qobuz hits!- and offers nice effective playlist/bookmark/favorites management.

Android even gives the opportunity to use the native Qobuz (which i like btw) and Tidal apps for browsing, in the background putting selected albums/tracks in Bubble’s play cue with the share function.

Ok, clear… The only times I use the Qobuz app on my Mac is when I browse the newly arrived albums. I pick my choices, put 'm in my playlists and quit the program. After that it’s Roon or Audirvana… On my iPhone during my morning run I use the iOS app, in airplane mode. Only then it will run reasonable fine, as long as I don’t mess with volume and stuff…

I have had the same problem in the past and still do when I use the desktop app. I recently bought Audirvana+ for Windows and for whatever reason this enables me to access Qoubuz and Tidal with no problems. When using the desktop app I would generally just boot it up and wait. Giving the app time to do whatever it needs to do seems to help although not always. The desktop app apparently has some updates coming soon according to Mr. Craff via Audiophile Style forums. They are working on it he says. But as is not really a workable app.

I’ve had varying success with the Qobuz desktop app for Windows across different hardware. The app seems to run fairly well on a couple of my ‘high-powered’ (i7 CPU and 16GB RAM) laptops but I have seen the app struggle on a laptop with just a little less horsepower. Of course there are probably more nuanced differences in the hardware architecture of these machines other than just CPU and RAM; not to mention the potential differences in the software ecosystem on the different laptops. My point is that I agree that the app struggles on Windows 10 (and, apparently, Apple Macs). To mitigate on my ‘lower powered’ machine, I’ve taken to using JRiver (on the laptop) and BubbleUPnP (on my phone) to push Qobuz content to the laptop for playback on a system in my office. This setup runs really well and only get a little lag when songs are buffered up for playback.

For my main rig, I use an AURALiC Aries G1 with Qobuz integration and have seen almost no issues playing back that way.

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Thanks all this helps a lot I will quite trying the fix this issue :slight_smile:

It’s a well known fact the desktop webplayer is using a lot (too much) resources and Qobuz indeed promised they’re working hard to solve this issue.

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I currently use Tidal + Roon. If I were to switch from Tidal to Qobuz, will the Roon library stay intact and look for the songs on Qobuz. Also, if I have a bunch of stuff favorited in Tidal, is there anything I can export to get those favs over to Qobuz efficiently?


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The last entry in the list at the top of this thread is a work in progress until it reaches 100 tracks. Don’t hesitate to (re)check once and a while…

Also: Occasionally tracks can disappear (grey out) as a result of Qobuz internal housekeeping…

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Thanks - that was super helpful!

So far so good with Soundiiz. I prefer the sound of Qobuz, but they are missing some tracks that Tidal has. I guess that’s to be expected to some extent.

Soundiiz also says that it can synchronize with pandora and grab all the songs I have 'thumbs up’d. That would be cool, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Any one else experienced that?