For Qobuz users

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It is making music again…

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Nope… It’s not…

I am back on, looks like it’s up in the US, good luck over there

It was off here earlier in the morning - around 5:00 AM EDST. All good since 6:30 or so.

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One more for now. As inspiration slows, so do new lists. :wink:

Found some 5.1 mixes on qobuz, but my system didn’t seem to process the info as 5.1. My subs didn’t kick on in my HT, but the music played and sounded good etc.

Any playlist that has The Velvet Fog on it is a keeper! :grinning:

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“Nothing but a Burning Light” is a great album. Glad to see it represented in your list.

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After using TIDAL and/or Apple Music for the last 18 months, I’m nearing the end of my Qobuz trial and have decided to stick with it.

I’m very tempted to save a little money and do the annual plan (Studio Premier). Just curious how many of you are month-to-month vs annual?

I am on the annual plan and happy with the service. I let tidal go last year shortly after Qobuz became available in the USA.

Annual here and just got renewed for the second yearly contract.

Annual, had Tidal a while back as well but let it go after the trial.

Full blown Qobuz, annual, since the early beginning… No Tidal, no Apple, no Amazone, no Google…

I have studio premier and the Tidal HiFi. I do like the sony 360 degree music feature on Tidal for their noise canceling ear buds. Occasionally I will finda Tidal MQA I like better. The Tidal music videos are an occasional apple TV stream ,my wife likes watching videos. I split out a sPDIF signal so the direct stream decodes for me. I do like lower cost of Qobuz and fidelity.

Okay. Just commences an annual subscription.

I appreciate the feedback.

For classical music lovers, I just put together a classical “ear candy” playlist. It runs about 2 hours. I tried to avoid some of the more obvious warhorses, and I kept selections under 10 minutes each just for variety’s sake, though I made exceptions for full movements from Brahms’s German Requiem just for its beauty, and Schubert’s Unfinished because, well, it’s Schubert’s Unfinished. I hope folks enjoy it, and find the sound worthy.


Great list, thanks.

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