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I’ve been checking what y’all are playing in “What Are You Spinning Right Now” and it looks like some of you tend to stick in the past. Whether that’s is comforting I don’t know, but for those who want to hear what’s being made today, here’s some suggestions from an old radio host… This is at least 5 years of work, so I hope you like it… By the way, you’ld be surprised how good most “pop” recordings sound on a good system without being “optimodded” (by the station)… :100::dancing_men::dancing_women:


Phew! That was a lot of work importing these playlists… I can’t imaging the work that went into actually compiling these. Wow! Thanks @ronaldwanders. Fantastic stuff!!

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Excellent! Thank you very much!

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Started on number one. Great selection.
Hartelijke groeten uit New York City.

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Many thanks to Ronald and Jeff for wonderful playlists!

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Yes, thanks a lot. It is opening up new music to me!

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You just made my day @dew1551:smiley:

Just found this. I’ve been using Tidal since it came out a few years ago, most recently with Roon. I decided to give Qobuz a try. So far, I find less overlap than I expected. It seems Qobuz has more easily accessible high res files, and music I’m not familiar with. Sounds really good so far.
Thanks for sharing playlists!

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BREAKING: New audiophile playlist containing 40 tracks and counting… Influences from Axpona 2019 clips and other reviews…

Have fun…!


Do any of you use both Tidal and Qobuz, and, have an opinion on SQ differences? Perhaps it’s just the high res stuff, but, qobuz seems to have the edge.


I have had both for two years in July and to me the sound quality of Qobuz is superior even at the standard FLAC resolution and of course the High Res stuff is clearly surperior. Their is to my ears and upper mid-range stridency to Tidal that is not present in Qobuz’s presentation. Edgy so to speak. It has been apparent with multiple streamers and changes of speakers and electronics. Not everyone may hear it though.

Love you man!

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I run both via Roon 1.6. (Wi-Fi from my iMac housing Roon Core to router, router to TP-Link optical isolation, TP-Link to switch via ethernet, switch to DS Sr. w/Bridge II ethernet card). So far, it seems like it is all about the quality of the individual recording – more than the resolution or subscription source. For example, some Qobuz files sound better than Tidal MQA files; and, some “CD quality” files on Tidal sound better than some “hi-res” files on Qobuz. Go, figure. YMMV.


The pure one and only reason I quit using Tidal is Jay Z… I simply can not appreciate that dude…! And way to much hip hop, rap on the front page. I had an enormous amount of playlists that I reconstructed manually on Qobuz for about 80 percent. So that was not a total loss, not bad at all actually. Personally I think MQA is a hoax and the sound quality of Qobuz is for about 80-90 percent superb. Some stuff is just plainly corrupt and some stuff is not (yet) available. I am happy with (just) Qobuz, especially in conjunction with Roon…!


@Elk: I see there’s a link to Tidal but not to Qobuz… Can you fix that…?

Link added to Qobuz

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You have outdone yourself with this playlist — best one so far! Willie Nelson covering “Summertime”…get outta here!

Great stuff.


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Hello Ronald did something maybe happen with these awesome playlists? I don’t seem to find them anymore which would be a major bummer as they are great and I play them all the time. Might be something on my side instead so in that case please disregard. Hartelijke Groeten uit New York.

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Great to see the wandersisanders playlists are back! I really like these and greatly appreciate the efforts that went into curating them. I find it a wonderfully collection of audiophile tracks covering various genres and countries, a bit off-the-beaten path and eminently listenable. A great way to discover new music. I only wish Qobuz playlists were at this level. I find their playlists not as good or complete as e.g. Spotify.

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Many thanks for putting in the time and effort to do this so we can kick back and listen! Is the Axpona playlist still working. Very well could be operator error, but I can’t seem to get that one going no matter clicking, new tab, nor copy and paste. TIA

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