For Qobuz users

So, if any souls would be so kind as to share Ron’s converted Tidal playlists…I’d be mucho grateful

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I can hook a brother up, but I need to go into Soundiz and convert some of the more recent RW playlists.

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That would be such a kind thing to do. I’m on Qobuz trial as well, but will have to short it out due to extended upcoming travel. I’d love to have these RW playlists via Tidal, but will probably still pick up a Qobuz sub when I return.

Wanders Is Anders #22 is halfway in the making… I am glad so many of you here actually started listening to your (PS) audio equipment rather than throwing money at it… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

In the mean time a local radio station asked me to produce a three hour show (air and web) for audiophiles, no processing, no optimod… Think I can fill a year or two… Don’t know what to do yet… Being retired is kinda fun… Thinking about writing a book “1% false”…


I prefer to think of it as listening to music versus the equipment. The equipment being a means to an end. Not a criticism as much as a different focus.


Much gratitude to Ronald for creating and sharing his playlists. He’s a true music explorer and I can only imagine the vast amount of time he has put into curating his excellent lists.

Here are my versions of the first 4 Audiophile Demo Ronald Quboz playlists converted to Tidal. I went through them track by track to create a list that helped me explore music that is new to me. I removed songs I already had elsewhere, mostly very famous songs, for instance “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, things like that. Ronald has excellent tastes, and I like pop quite a bit, but I removed pop songs that I found to be too formulaic and uninteresting, or if I found the female voice too “whiny”. Also removed things like Alice In Chains, which I simply don’t care for.

While not the full Ronald playlists, for my purposes, these work very well.

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Would mind sharing the playlist links? Click the little widget in the upper right just below the Tidal logo, copy and paste the links here

Here’s number 22… LOL

Ron, may I suggest you update your first post with the newer playlists so they aren’t lost amongst the thread of posts and the circuitous route it took to get here

Thank you for the compiles, much appreciated. I recently made 4 playlists for an event with timed elements, its a bit of a chore

I’m not sure what’s happening. I did post just the links but it turned into this other format here… I think if you click on just the name of the playlist, in this case “Ronald PSA 1”, it will link straight to Tidal…

Yup, good idea. I think I’ll just create a new thread and put 'm all in there. Was that what you meant…?

Clicking on ‘Listen to full playlist’ works for me. Unintuitively, the Tidal icon simply takes one to Tidal, and the links icon only allow me to save the image that represents the link.

Thanks again

I retrieved the actual links themselves and pasted them here, but it then turns into the format above once in these forums. I’m not sure how to do it differently…

If anyone else has converted Ronald’s playlists to Tidal, please do share! I spent several hours converting them song by song, actually typing the song into the Tidal browser…

I was thinking the first post of this thread but a new one with a more appropriate title is probably a good idea

You’re sharing a significant amount of effort for the greater good and something like ‘Ron’s curated playlists’ for a title would get more attention

Jeff says he’ll convert them to Tidal, if he added them as well, the audience just blew up

Definitely let us know if you decide to host the radio show but please don’t give up retirement aka doing whatever you want for it


You a good man Brett… :sweat_smile:

I agree, it would be great to combine links to Ronald’s playlists, along with their Tidal equivalents, all in their own thread with a more alluring title than “For Quboz Users”…

Did I miss the new thread? Jonesin’ for some new playlists…in Tidal :wink:

The works of @ronaldwanders is being converted from Qobuz to Tidal as I type. I will post the Tidal playlists once the conversion is complete.


@ronaldwanders Tidal (converted from Qobuz) “Audiophile Demo” Playlists

Audiophile Demo 1
Audiophile Demo 2
Audiophile Demo 3
Audiophile Demo 4
Audiophile Demo 5
Audiophile Demo 6
Audiophile Demo 7
Audiophile Demo 8
Audiophile Demo 9
Audiophile Demo 10
Audiophile Demo 11
Audiophile Demo 12

Ok… Wanders is Anders Playlists next…


Much appreciated!