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A recent comment about an audiophile firefighter in another thread prompted me to wonder about our own respective careers. I’d be very interested in learning what you all do or did to make a living, if people are willing to divulge. I’ve searched on the word “career” and didn’t get any relevant hits.

I’m happy to begin. I’m a registered architect with 43 years of practice experience. I’ve spent the last 8 years as a building code official for the state of Indiana, and I’m now into my 5th year as State Building Commissioner, a gubernatorial appointment. I expect to retire in two more years, hence the recent “last gasp” updating of my modest system - soon regular wages will be gone. :wink:

Anyone else care to join in?


I’m an Electrical Engineer by education and experience and have been at it for the past 36 years in one form or another. I currently work as an Engineering Manager and certainly appreciate this side of the business more than when I was a purely technical contributor. Areas of expertise include distributed, embedded control systems as applied to several types of products from Ion Implanters (used to make ICs) to active magnetic bearings for high speed rotating equipment (my current employer).

I’ve been an audio “nut” (phile?) for most of my life. Have always been into music both live and recorded from a very early age. I always appreciate technical data and justification for why a given component or system works well in an audio application. I acknowledge there will always be some “secret sauce” that makes a system sound particularly great but have no interest in the true snake oil stuff like mats or mystery potted objects you place in your incoming power panel. Nope!


I’m a 56-year-old English major.


I am a 53-year-old US Air Force officer about to retire (hopefully) because I don’t want to put my precious PS Audio gear through another military move!


Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist for the last 30 years.
Irascible curmudgeon for the last 22 years.


Technical Illustrator, working for Volvo.
Discovering PS Audio gear feels like my HiFi aims in my youth “coming home”.

Thanks Paul, Ted and everyone else who made that happen.


I’m a recovering academic. I taught conservation planning in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho (Moscow, Idaho) from 1984 to 2017, when I gained my freedom from the tyranny of paid labor. Retirement IS life!


I was a disc jockey for 42 years working in Indianapolis, Lexington, Kentucky and Oklahoma City. I worked at stations that played Top 40, Adult top 40 and Country.


Lead systems engineer in aerospace. Physicist and Astronomer by academic background (Ph.D.). I’ve worked the civilian side of the industry for the majority of 30+ years (including 3 of NASAs 4 great observatories). Three years from retirement, but still going strong. The proudest moment of my career was witnessing the launch of Shuttle HST Servicing Mission 3B. STS 3B installed the Advanced Camera for Surveys 3rd generation instrument that I supported as a member of the core engineering team. My first ‘system’ was an old tube tuner and amp hooked up to a bare coaxial speaker (!). Gear that I salvaged from my grandfather’s basement. Never dreamed then that would turn into a lifelong (and expensive!) obsession. Ah well, I’ve rationalized spending too much money on audio by telling myself there are a lot of other less life affirming obsessions I can spend my cash on.


I’m a 48-yo who started in engineering physics, but moved into business after 2 years of university; my need to see tangible results won out over R&D as a career (but I still love Physics). I’ve been at a financial firm for 31 years - I lead a technology learning team. I like helping others who want to be helped.


Mid 50’s retired USAF Aircraft/ C-E Maintenance Analyst. Specifically, IT/mainframe database manager combined with statistical analysis, special studies and process improvement. Lifelong audiophile and, pre AF, was a military brat/audio rep back in the mid 80’s when there was a large audio club in Mainz-Kastel, Germany. Started out selling Technics/Panasonic and worked my way to Nakamichi. Every conceivable brand was part of my daily playground. Always loved music and have, guessing, seen 200+ major persons, groups or bands in concert.

p.s. @tomhail, I’ve moved tons of gear during my mil years and understand your plight. My PSA DSD was the only PSA gear to move pre retirement and have since purchased a P-15 and BHK stack that is happy in their current location! @Palouse, my son and DIL are U of I grads from '18 and '19. Follow the Palouse highway and you’ll run into my current location.


This must have been incredibly satisfying. Magical stuff.


After being a dentist for 40 years, I retired on Oct.12, 2018. Having the best time of my life. My hi-fi journey began with a Fisher tube integrated amp, Knight speakers, and a Garrard turntable with a Shure cartridge from Allied Radio in Chicago.


@owlsalum, very cool stuff and much to be proud of. I, too, have family related ties to the space shuttle…just, not as awesome as yours!

My dad was stationed at Edwards AFB and worked for the Army Flight Activity back in the 70’s. As a kid, I grew up watching the Space Shuttle in the free-flight test days. We used to drive around the base chasing the 747 hauling the shuttle on it’s back as it flew. Also, grade school fire drills were common practice so we could see it land after release from the 747.

My dad worked w/Robert Stewart, Army helo test pilot. I met him just after his selection for the space program and my dad said, “Remember this man, he’ll be famous”. Stewart went on to become the Army’s first Astronaut and was one of two that conducted flight evaluations of Manned Maneuvering Units…the first untethered operations from a spacecraft in flight. Robert Lee Stewart retired Brigadier General of US Army & former NASA astronaut. STS-41-B Challenger (February 3–11, 19… | Nasa shuttle, First space shuttle, Robert

Original pics from my childhood…


Pipe welder in the nuclear industry for 7 years then self employed machinist and fabricator for the last 40 years or so. Serving the local power plants, pharma facility and tier 1 auto supplier.
Never being formally educated I help the brainiacs deal with reality.
After no stereo since the mid '90’s I am back in with both wallets and enjoying the digital side that did not exist at that time.


‘Never being formally educated I help the brainiacs deal with reality.’
Too funny, and very quotable. :slight_smile:


In my young adulthood I had several friends in radio, one of whom was a pretty talented morning comedy jock at classic rock stations. He had me on by phone once a week doing social commentary in a program called “An Architect’s Point of View” (with a nod to Paul Simon). He called me Craig Lloyd Craig. He took my program with him (again, by phone) when he moved from Peoria IL to Harrisburg PA, Kansas City MO and finally Las Vegas.


Former network guy (Novell originally, Microsoft, Cisco, PeopleSoft etc) and level 3 desktop/server/database support. Corporate IT projects consultant. Rabbi, university chaplain, and for six years was a combat soldier in an anti-terror unit. These days I sit on several NGO boards supporting US veterans, engaging in non-political interfaith work, and supporting religious freedom. Son of a radio engineer who taught me a good bit growing up, been an avid audiophile pretty much since i could walk and talk.


Gotta love it. :grin:


@Jaycee nice to meet you. So there is life after retirement :slight_smile: You’ve got a nice setup. Me, I have a Stellar Phono, BHS pre, m700’s, PS3, DSJr, and other stuff to feed the DAC. Speakers are less than ideal (Tanoy Rev XT8) but paired with REL T/9i they are rather enjoyable in my small listening room with DIY acoustic treatments. Not sure if my classic rock posters and paraphernalia are hurting the acoustics but they sure add to the ambiance. What’s it like to grow roots???


Maj Tom

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