Welcome to the new Analog Forum

Analog is what we do, regardless of how we get there.

Music is analog, our hearing is analog, as are our speakers and everything we feed into it. We live in an analog world.

All the work we do on digital audio is in service of analog. Consider that digital is only another means of memorializing analog. There are no ‘digital’ microphones or loudspeakers because, at the end of the day, the entire raison d’être of why we’re here is capturing analog sounds and reproducing them perfectly in the home.

PS Audio’s raison d’être is to bring life to music for as many people across the globe as possible. We do that by building equipment honoring this core tenet of our existence and making sure our customers are treated right in the process of acquiring that equipment.

The goal of the equipment is to faithfully capture the life in the music and bring that life into your home.

It all starts with analog and ends there.

Let the discussions begin!

Great you structured something for analog topics! Quite some discussions could be moved here from the forum I guess. Will start posting a bit soon.