How Did I get Here

Hello all, figured it was time for a quick introduction and a little bit of how I ended up here. First, I do consider myself an audiophile - totally infatuated with music and equipment and have been chasing audio nirvana for most of my life. I don’t however consider myself an expert in either. I just know what I like and what I don’t like - not necessarily the reasons why, but I’m always learning.

It all started when I was around 8 years old and dad brought home a used mono cabinet that had a radio, record player (a true record player, not a turntable) and a single mono full range speaker. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. It also came with 3 very used Ventures albums which I promptly finished wearing out (still a major Ventures fan today). anyway, that was it - I was hooked.

Will skip the next 50 or so years except to say that it has been the most wonderful and the most frustrating thing ever, this chase for the perfect sound.

Jumping forward to a year or so ago when I started watching Paul’s videos and reading his blogs and lusting after PS Audio gear. The thing that hooked me with PS Audio is how genuine and completely nerdy Paul comes across - Very real and very grounded. Everything and everyone associated with PS Audio that I have interacted with presents themselves the same - makes it feel like home. Which is how this forum feels - like home. PS Audio and most importantly you guys should be very proud of the home you have built here.

So after much thought and consideration I decided to check out the PS Audio sound if you will and bought a Sprout 100. Now I’m certainly no expert on audio hardware or music even and would never claim to be - I just know what I like when I hear it. I had recently gambled on a pair of KLH Kendalls based on what I remember KLH sounded like back in the 60’s and 70’s. I could tell the sound I wanted was in them, but wasn’t quite presenting itself with the AudioLab 6000A Play integrated I was driving them with. Swap that out with the Sprout 100 and … truly it was one of those moments where the hair on the back of your neck stands up. All those descriptors I have heard about and been searching for all my life suddenly appeared before my eyes and ears - transparency, 3-dimensionality, clarity, speed, openness, etc., etc. Even in my small listening room that dosen’t have one redeeming characteristic for proper music reproduction - I had the sound I wanted. A little speaker location tweaking and it got even better.

But, didn’t I say I was an audiophile? So yes, I’m already planning my next moves. Maybe adding a S300 amp and using the Sprout as a pre, or maybe jumping in with the S300 / GainCell DAC combo, or maybe a Strata or a pair of S700’s - who knows. All I know for sure is I feel I’m home with PS Audio.

Current system -
PS Audio Sprout 100
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon TT with Ortofon 2m Blue
KLH Kendall tower speakers
Apple TV 4k (Apple Music)
Roon/Qobuz/Tidal via USB


Welcome DavidF!
Very nice system and story. This is a very friendly and helpful place to hang out. Most here are willing to help with just about any issue you might have. Once in a while there are some passionate discussions but @Elk is pretty good at riding herd and keeping things civil. I have been hanging out here for a few years now and it is the only web based group that I am active in. All others have become too ugly for me.
Enjoy the ride!


Welcome to the forum @DavidF

Very nice clean system; the Ortofon Blue is what hooked me back into vinyl earlier this year. I look forward to your continuing journey back into the hobby.


Welcome! Music is so important and it’s always great to see another music lover joining us.


Welcome! I was hooked in a similar way by Paul’s videos. And if you do decide to move up the components chain, keep in mind that there are always good deals to be had in the used market as well as people posting here.


I like your system. A simple setup can be excellent!


That is an excellent looking system.


Welcome! It was PS Audio’s Perfect Wave Transport that I purchased used several years ago and this forum that got me hooked. Loads of friendly and knowledgeable folks here which is a huge breath of fresh air compared to other more contentious sites.


Welcome! During the first terrible lockdown here in Bergamo (Italy) my son and I (re)started listening to music hours and hours, watching Paul’s videos to understand better why this and why that about gear and audiophile world. It permitted us to fight the fear of what was happening around our house: awful death and ambulance sirens.
Never stopped to play rock records together since then.
Now my son has learnt to play guitar and bought a fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul, literally enamored of ‘90s grunge (he is 20 years old).
Now I read every day posts on this forum debating about tweaks, fuses, power cords. I have a full PS Audio system and about 1k vinyls, all of them carefully listened one by one with my son.

Thank you then to Paul and PS Audio Family of this forum, you helped us so much during those bad days!


Thanks everyone for all the responses. I’ve had more enjoyment just sitting back and letting the music envelope me since adding the Sprout 100 than I have had in a long time. At the same time I have enjoyed my time on this site immensely. Again, kudos to all of you for building and maintaining an awesome online community.


PS: Pretty sure I will be ordering an S300 amplifier on the other side of the holidays. :sunglasses:


I acquired all of my PS Audio gear second hand. All were no more than six months old, warranted and more importantly, like the name says, stellar! Not to mention, at a significant savings. Enjoy your journey!


The music room is a good source for used gear. I have bought from them and sold to them with great results. Also keep an eye on the for sale section here.


That should tell you something. Once you are hooked, then within six months you start thinking about the next PSAudio upgrade. Speaking from experience :grin:


Yup. It’s true.
I’m sure the PS stands for Purchasing S’more. :laughing:


Also US Audiomart

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TMR has an S300 listed at $999 in the fresh arrival section. They usually have a little room in the price if you call and haggle.

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Hey thanks for the tip. Will have to get past this weekend before I do anything, but maybe it will still be there.

For some unknown reason my memory worked! Not a usual circumstance. :slightly_frowning_face:
No worries. I’m sure more will come along after the holidays.

Well the temptation was just to great. The S300 is on its way! Thanks for the tip @Baldy