FR 30 in da house

Nice room for those FR 30’s…guessing they sound great in there.

Thanks for posting.

Should see some press coverage coming out of the show soon, which will be of interest to many here of sure…

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Very nice! What was the black piece on top of the Direct Stream DAC?

Don Rhule of KimberCan is the distributor.

Looks to be the PSA SACD transport.

Paul’s Post about Montreal


This past Thursday I had the opportunity to listen to the FR30 at PS Audio. Very impressive! They were extremely clean sounding with exceptional imaging/soundstaging. Instruments sounded truly like the real thing. There was a true to life relaxed quality to the sound rather than the tendency of hyper detailed speakers like Magico to sound a little sterile. They certainly sounded a lot better than my 20 year old Vandersteen 5s (it would be fun and more appropriate to compare the FR30 to 5A Carbon or Kento). We even cranked it very loud on one or two tracks, not something I normally do, and there was no compression or distortion. A good demonstration of the clarity and lack of distortion.

The only (slight) hesitation to my ears was the ability of the speaker to disappear. On the first few tracks I was aware of the sound source, but I think this was at least partially a psychological factor. There I am listening to these new speakers we’ve all been reading so much about and the anticipation was at a very high level. I just couldn’t ignore their physical presence. This will certainly subside over time. Also contributing was most of the music played I had not heard on my system, though this was Paul’s Picks so they all should have been exceptional recordings. To my point, though, the first song I got to pick was one by Norah Jones and the speakers did disappear just like in my system. Hmmm.

I can’t really compare the FR30 to any other marketplace contender since I haven’t heard any of them since the last audio show two years ago and I haven’t been in a brick and mortar store in years. And we all know how well audio shows give the best demonstrations! Not …. As such I will not say these are the best speakers ever, I can’t possibly make that claim, but my intent on listening to them was to see if Chris Brunhaver’s idea of world class sound aligned with my idea. It sure does!

Will I buy a pair? Actually, probably not, they are beyond my budget no matter how much I stretch it and I do have a small room. What I would buy is the FR30s little brother. Chris is working on a smaller version which could be out in the next year. It hopefully will use the same drivers, just less of them. I speculate two woofers in the front and one on each side, just not sure if that would be floor standing or a low stand mount. Assuming this smaller version shared the same “sound” as the FR30 they will be the one for me.


Thanks, PMOTZ. Here’s another review just posted on Paul’s Posts.

I went to the Montreal audio fest today and I made a beeline for the PS audio room. The setup was very well done, one of the larger rooms, but luckily this morning there were only a few of us in there listening.
The speakers are larger in life than they appear even online, not so much tall and intimidating, but very deep and definitely have a presence. There is a subtle and beautiful PS audio logo on the side at the top, this is so nicely done and one of the nicest design elements of the speakers! They don’t look unstable in person, but I am still not a convert to the overall design of the narrow feet and rounded bottom. The finish and assembly look absolutely top notch though. Then we listened to them… Let me tell you, the stories of the development, and all of the hyperbole that Paul seems to mention about them are absolutely deserved. These are truly world class speakers, capable of awesome dynamics, completely full range, detailed, and really disappear in the room. They were revealed delicate details in the middle of a mix while being powerful at the same time. These are not inexpensive speakers and I for sure cannot afford them now, but after having heard them I have to say I consider them a fantastic value. I haven’t heard much that can do what these do, even for 6 figures. Very well done PS audio, congratulations on a great new product!


I’d LOVE to buy a pair, I COULD buy a pair, yet I could NEVER buy a pair, lest the rest of my days are spent in the garage (which is unheated in the dark days of winter), banished forever by the Queen.


Thanks for the review Pmotz! I was fun getting to hang for a little and chat. I’m glad you got a chance to hear some of your own picks too. Paul’s playlist is great, but it’s always tough to critique a new system when you aren’t familiar with the material.


Montréal Audiofest 2022 - PS Audio - YouTube highly recommend thru your system :+1: :+1:

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Montréal Audiofest 2022 - PS Audio - Video 2 - YouTube Video #2

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Friday, I had the good fortune to be in this very same house that has these FR 30s in da house.
I was gobsmacked at what I heard. Hours earlier I heard the MBL Extremes. And yet….
I really wanted to be impressed and my oh my, I was more impressed with each song.

He’s got a perfect room for one person. In my room there is room for two. But one wins.

Anyway, these PS Audio FR30 speakers are end game worthy. A very nice surprise.


I was fortunate enough to be along with @aangen and @straightwire to listen to his FR 30’s and I agree great sound was plentiful! A speaker that does everything very well. Thank you Greg!


Thank you Al and Paul for those kind words. The FR30’s are special and have been one of those rare purchases that keep revealing more good stuff over time and extending my listening time with a smile. Funny thing, hours after this get together, the M1 fuse arrived. Back to the basement to hear the FR’30’s sound even more organic (hate to use that word), with more precise imaging. I’ve had the recent pleasure of major gains from both ends of the spectrum. Makes this hobby fun and even better to share it in person or through this happily addicted forum.


Perfect explanation


Know the feeling exactly…kudos straightwire…thanks
for sharing so much indepth…

M1s eh…a whole new experience awaiting you my friend!!
Happy journeying…

Best wishes

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Hey striaghwire check this other thread out:

It sure sums it all up!!

Best wishes

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Thanks. I saw the post as I’ve read most on this site. No one can easily calculate the cost/benefit ratio for any high end hobby. My only constant criteria is that in chasing the dream is that the tough parts of the process do not out the perceived result. There are no ends, only means.


To Straightwire’s credit, I brought an unbalanced pair of Stealth Audio Sakra V17 LE cables into his house and offered him a chance to hear them in his system. He politely declined.

He is smarter than I am.


Like a crack dealer giving the first few doses for free.