Review of Aspen FR30's, CONGRATS!


Great review! Funny how the editor lets his disbelief in the “50 years” of development shine through :wink:

As he later mentioned he followed all the forum history of it, so he knows, “this” speaker rather has a history since Chris joined and the 50 years rather appliy to the first thought of sometimes developing “a” speaker :wink: At least that’s how I understand the reality.

Okay, they are added in my wish book now. I am still on the first page and this one is close to the end of the thick book.

Wonderful review.

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I don’t suppose a better first Hi-Fi press/industry review could have been anticipated.

Congratulations Paul, Chris and crew.

I am curious what the rest of the system used for the review consisted of…

There’s a summary on page 2, 3rd paragraph.

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I really hope the FR20 isn’t as good. Selling my Sopra 2’s will be a PITA. :disappointed_relieved:

I am also hoping for a Center Channel. That would be icing on the cake.

Few serious speaker lines at these price points include center channels. Probably unlikely especially with so many other stereo models planned. Just a guess tho

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Oh I agree. KEF, B&W, Focal, and Legacy are among the few who deliver both fronts and centers at an equal level.

I am sure there are others but I am drawing a blank.

It was one of the reasons I purchased Sopra 2.

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Yeah, maybe 1% or 2% of speakers over 20k at best

And they DO make a center for the Valors :slight_smile: …You have to special order it…it’s called Element

I was really over the moon in my short time listening to the FR30’s. Good lord y’all! They are so much speaker for the price of two fine power cables and maybe three Purple fuses.


Fortunately, I have not bitten the stratospheric cable apple…yet. The Ethos does intrigue me but it is still out of range at this time. The PSA pipeline is hopefully filing up soon with some shinny new things. The FR30’s have made the wait more than bearable.


Sorry. We just got a sneak listen to the FR20 and, while it was hardly a proper listening session, I can tell you it not only put a smile on our faces but we turned to Chris in amazement. “How did you do that?"


FR20, DSD Mk II and AirLens - good thing my RMD kicks in this year!

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The “Tweeter” and “Midrange” drivers on the FR30 are most compelling to me. Nearfield smaller monitors are something I am most interested in.


I’ll start dropping hints around my wife…from a distance more then her arm reach :wink:


I surmise my dedicated space would work well with something from the Aspen line that is sized somewhere between stand-mounted monitors and the FR30s.

Given my experience with my Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.1 speakers, I too believe the “magic” is to be had from the upper midrange and high-frequency transducers. The FR30s appear to have addressed this in spades with their midrange and high-frequency components.

I am looking forward to seeing what’s next “below” the FR30 in the Aspen line.


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I’m really interested in the FR20, the FR30 seems just too large for my room. I heard the FR30 at PS Audio back in March and was really impressed. The pedigree is excellent!

On a different note, any chance custom colors could be offered for an upcharge? I think either model would look stunning in burgundy with black drivers and front baffle.

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