Enjoying my FR20 home demo!

Greetings, PSAudio forum. New to the scene here. I don’t own any PSAudio gear aside from a power outlet, or at least I didn’t until I heard about the FR20s. I had just started looking for a speaker upgrade from my wonderful Graham LS5/5s that would fill my rather large room (12’ x 30’ w/ ceilings up to 15’ high, although listening area is in a corner of this open plan area) with greater dynamics and energy. Received my demo pair in black on Monday, been running it in for a few days… WOW!

@Paul @Chris_Brunhaver I’d like to tell you both how impressed I am with the way these speakers are opening up and transforming my 2-channel system and listening room (all digital hi-res streaming, custom Roon server, Lampizator dac, Absolare Integrated w/ lots of fairly expensive cabling and conditioning). I think I have finally found a speaker that scales up to my room, delivers live-music dynamics and energy, doesn’t overwhelm me with treble at my 8-9’ listening position, and figuratively disappears from the stage, without losing much in terms of the gorgeous tonality and density that I have become accustomed to with the LS5/5s and other BBC-style speakers I’ve owned. Further, despite the much deeper bass on offer with the FR20s, I somehow think that I need LESS DSP/room treatment with these than other speakers I’ve used. My partner, who is definitely capable of hearing the differences in gear/speakers, wholeheartedly agrees (and while she would prefer wood-veneer cabinets, she’s ok with these).

I was told by one of your helpful salespersons that I have one of about 40-50 pairs in the wild right now, but I haven’t seen many people sharing their impressions online yet. This speakers deserves extremely high praise and will likely be my main speakers for many years to come. I’m happy to answer questions about them for those who have not yet taken the plunge, too…

I also appreciate the generous trade-in and demo/return policy for facilitating this experience; I have to believe that there are other speakers of this quality out there in the world that could play nice in my room, right? (although hard to imagine them getting much better than this!), but since I’d have to visit a distant showroom with someone else’s gear playing or take a significant financial risk to try them in my home, I would never know it.

You gotta hear these!


Welcome to the forum.

I am sure many are looking forward to your further impressions.

Have fun.


Congratulations on the speakers.

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Thank you.

Welcome to the forums, and best of luck with them.

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Awesome and congrats. I’m sure the FR20’s are going to hit the sweet spot for many. Post some pics when you get a chance :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats and welcome!

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Very nice.

Congrats on the 20’s and welcome to the forum.

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I am envious. I am strangely attracted to the sound of the FR30s. The mid to high end is possibly the best I have ever heard. Having a pair of FR20s next to my Vivids would be interesting. I have huge subs to offset the possibility of a difference down below between the two. We can try these out, right?


Thanks! What a great review. Yes, indeed, these are slowly getting out into the wild and as people get the full measure of just how amazing they are we occasionally get reviews like this published. Most people seem to stay quiet or write us directly with their raves.

Makes it all worthwhile. Thank you.


Pictures or it didn’t happen!!



Thank you for vacuuming.


You should see this rug when it’s dirty!


I just need to look at ours the day before the housekeepers arrive.

A comfortable setting to listen to some tunes. Obviously you have added additional isolation to the stock platform and feet.

I will never not have speaker isolation in my system. Suspended hardwood flooring over a crawlspace. Had isoacouatics before on my other speakers, the townshends i think are a bit better at isolation and keep the speakers lower to the ground, seems important for such a tall center of gravity… Not cheap, but not a subtle improvement either (although less so with these speakers than others perhaps).


How do you like the Townshend’s? I have been tempted by them a few times now. I also have IsoAcoustic footers, Gaia I.

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Had the podiums only a few days at this point, but im impressed at the effect and aesthetic…


This way of vacuuming increases soundstage.

This is the way