FREE Dynamically Uncompressed Audiophile Music Sampler from MA Recordings

Steve Guttenberg - The Audiophiliac Daily Show on YouTube

Steve provided a link in a recent video this past week to download a couple of free music samplers from MA Recordings. The music tracks really vary on the types of music, but they are very well recorded and will really show off your music systems capabilities. They are worth downloading and playing. In with the download there are a couple of pages on info on all the music tracks included.



These are recordings made with two omni microphones. The resulting specific sound may be of interest as the main mics used on the latest Octave recording are omnis.

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I’ve downloaded and sampled, now playing through. Read the notes. Mostly a few favourite recordings and I’m not sure what the point of this is or that there is anything very audiophile about them. I’ve heard dynamically uncompressed percussion at a demo by Peter Thomas of PMC and he warned that it could destroy many speakers. It was visceral. Not these.

For reasons unknown quite a few were recorded in Matsumoto, a town I remember for two things, night-time cormorant fishing and walking across bridge to see a train coming directly at me. It was approaching quite slowly, but all the same.

The samples are not fireworks for testing a home theater system.

The notes explain why Matsumoto.