Some questions about Octaves Recording

Sorry if this comes off as rude but after listening to octave radio and the samples of sturtz: live at roots it felt like the recordings have been stripped of its very soul. I understand that compromises will be made with MP3 but it feels like everything is so smoothed over and I cannot attain synesthesia where I start seeing the shape of every attack peak and decay along with the texture of each instrument.

At first I thought it was maybe because I was using tubes(even though looking back that shouldnt be the case since my tube setup is much drier and more precise than my SS setup), changed over to a solid state amp and eventually my headphone setup. Much to my dismay it was still so smoothed over.

I am curous will the DSD versions bring back the sharpness and precision as with Sturtz’s “You’ve done this before” album on bandcamp?

Have you tried the samples of the album at the Octave Records website? Scroll down a little and you will find the samples there to try.

Live at Roots Music Project – PS Audio


Indeed i was listening to the samples on the website as linked.

Also i noticed that tube ADCs were used. im wondering if that is the reason for the roundness of everything.

Maybe im looking in the wrong place for that extra natural sense of texture and precision from having mics close by.

Sorry once again since i want to support the artists but not at the expense of not enjoying myself. Thats the main reason im asking if the dsd version will bring back the front row seat and not the mid row seat with speaker cover cloth in-between.