From Mini/Jriver/Ipad/DS to Mini/Surface/DS/???

I would like to hear some answers and tips before buying a new device. I am now using a Jriver/Jremote/DS combo: a Mac Mini hosts JRMC, a Lenovo NAS is connected to the Direct Stream via Bridge II/Ethernet, and an iPad 4 loaded with Jremote works as the control point.
For reasons not related with audio, I am planning to unify the functions of my MacBook Pro and my Ipad into one and only tablet/PC: a Surface Pro 3. However, before moving forward I want to be sure that I will be able to keep my audio rig manageable. If I take the Ipad 4 out of the equation and introduce the Surface Pro 3 on it, what else can I use for controlling, since Jremote is not an option due to its Windows incompatibility?. Or furthermore, is there any other option besides the well-known pair of Js, that can work thru the Bridge? Thx in advance for the answers.

You can use your iPad and the mconnect control app (there’s a free version and one for $5 or $10 too) with your NAS and play to your DS without any computer, I do it regularly as I don’t care to run jRiver anymore, although I find JRemote is a better control app. I use my laptop for Roon and Spotify.

Thx for your answer, but there is no Windows version for MConnect.

True, I was thinking based on your last sentence an ipad only was another option.

If you do not have a financial constraint I think that the easiest thing to do would be to keep the iPad as a controller for your audio system, use the iPad, NAS and DirectStream with the computer not in the playback loop. With this configuration, you would purchase whatever computer best suits your computing needs without using it as a server for the audio system.

If you are consolidating the functions of tablet and computer for financial reasons, I don’t have any good advice at the moment. Life using your favorite tablet as the music controller makes so much sense to me and is so convenient that I have a hard time trying to figure out a way to do it otherwise.


Thx JP. But besides financial reasons, there is also a limit determined by the age of my Ipad. I am not able to use it with Roon; only with JRiver/Jremote, so anyway its function is already limited.The second issue is related with the server. I already have a Mac mini dedicated to audio and i am not planning to replace it. I was only thinking on the Surface as the control point, in lieu of the Ipad. But in the meantime perhaps I will wait a little, to see if in the near future PS Audio succeed on becoming the bridge 2 compatible with Roon. And this will for sure the best of all possible worlds.

In looking at the JRiver forum, it looks like JRiver can be used as a controller to a JRiver server being run on another system.

Early in the entry on this page:

and that has a link to this wiki entry:

I would be happier giving this advice if I could test it myself, but… I can not do so at this time.


Thx for the tip, JP!. I will try it this evening. Days ago I tried to use webgizmo as the remote, but its interface is really poor even in comparison with JRemote (and without including Roon as an option). Regards, Ricardo

Another option might be sharing your Mac screen with he PC. I’ve never done it with a Windows PC (I control my Mac Mini music server from my MacBook Pro all the time) but here’s an article on how to do it:

I simulated the set up with my macbook pro; so I used a full JRMC on it as a client by following the instructions of JP and it worked! I suppose that with the Surface I will need to buy JR for multiple platforms (obviously not an issue). The only point that is still unclear for me is related with the possibility of using the touch screen of the Surface as such instead of using it with a keyboard. JRremote was created for being used with touch screens, but I do not know if for JRMC would be the same.

Regarding the solution of Steven, I was not able to test it since I did not buy the Surface still. Regards, Ricardo


It should work with the surface. I am running JR19 (rolled back from 20) on an older HP all-in-one touch screen with Windows 7.

I generally sit out of arms reach from the screen and just use my wireless mouse, but…

Yes! Absolutely! I can step up to the computer and JR works flawlessly with the touch screen.

Hope that helps.


Thx Bruce. Now I think I have everything I need. Regards, Ricardo

This is all good to know and has been an entertaining learning exercise. Thank you ridom for a good little thread. I do hope that it all does work well when you get your Surface and everything is set up. Please come back and tell us how it is working for you.


For sure I will. My only hesitation now is if it is worthy or not to wait for Surface 4 till the next MS launchment on Oct 4.