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I would like to suggest/start a dedicated thread to setting up, troubleshooting and using JRiver Media Center with PS Audio DACs and Bridges. I have scoured the site and spent some time spelunking through the JRMC-linked Wiki help pages, but can’t find clear and accurate instructions for setting up JRMC 23 or 24 (the latest version) with DS Sr. or Jr., including streaming DSD files. Maybe the second post here could help enlighten me!? So far (but I am currently putting Roon/Tidal through its paces), the best overall sound quality in my “streaming” setup has been via my iMac hard drive over wireless to router to DS Sr via JRMC so more posting on this file management and playback software would be appreciated (hopefully by others as well). Cheers.

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If you have not seen it, there is a “How to set-up JRiver and the Bridge” under Resources-How To. It’s very helpful though as a new JRiver 24 Mac user myself, it looks like a few of the items mentioned in the configuration guideline have either disappeared or been replaced under another name. Or else I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks. If you are referring to the “How To” here in the forums, I recall finding it lacking in some detail and out of date. I’ll check it out again though. Thanks again.

Yes, that’s the one. Agreed, it’s out of date in a few areas but it is the best I’ve been able to find so far.

I’ve been using MC 22 I believe without issues
For a while.

I’m not home to see the exact screens but you choose audiophile dac - is that a option no longer there?

Are people finding MC 23 or 24 stabile under osx?

I just upgraded to “MK XXIV” about a week ago. Seems stable so far… But, I am not sure how to set it up so I can play DSD files.

I think there’s a check box for “dop” or something like that in the section where you choose audiophile dac- maybe under the advanced options.

Try Tools/Options/Media Network/Add or Configure DLNA servers/Advanced and check Bitstream DSD
At least that is how I have it set in JRMC 23.


Done! Thanks.

Unhappy now. Buy Jriver always. I think it is good. On 24. It cannot play back a certain Flac stream. It even gives choice of http or https for compatibility. Foobar plays it fine. I have no idea why it will not play. Yes, I know about Dlna, Wmp etc.

For all you JRiver Media Center users out there. There’s a new feature in MC (starting with 24.0.51) that breaks the Bridge II.

NEW: DLNA: If MC is playing to (controlling) a renderer and the track playback stops before the end (granularity of 5 seconds) we assume another controller has been used to stop the playback and as such we will not continue a playlist and assume we are no longer the active controller.

I’ve communicated with the JRiver gurus and a solution is forthcoming. I’m pretty convinced that the Bridge II is programmed utilizing sloppy DLNA implementation. There’s lot of evidence that I won’t go into now.

Bottom line, stay with 24.0.50 or earlier. If you want to follow the whole issue, see the link below:

JRiver/Bridge II Stops Playing


Be sure to check all three DLNA options in JRiver. In my setup (DirectStream DAC with Bridge II) that’s the only way for playing playlists nicely track after track.

Yup. Been doing that for a while. One of the reasons I know that the Bridge II sloppily implements DLNA. Those check marks don’t fix this issue.


I had a similar issue where I was only able to play 1 song at a time. I had no issues with version 24.0.50. Unfortunately for me the patch that worked for you did not work for me. Today’s update 24.0.65 has finally addressed the issue and I am able to play all tracks without any stoppage until the final track. I want to thank you for bringing the issue to the JRiver team.

I assume the fix that worked for you is one of these:

From the 24.0.61 Release notes:

13. Fixed: DLNA: When we are trying to detect if another controller has taken over from us to stop our playback of a playlist, we weren’t handling the case where a user seeks on a track during that playback.
14. Changed: DLNA: Don’t post a WM_UPDATE_DLNA_PLAYBACK_STATE when receiving a transport event unless the state is actually changing. This can fix an issue where renderers that are very slow to respond to play state changes (>5 seconds) confuse logic to determine if we are the DLNA controller in charge (BubbleUPnP wrapping chromecast).

There are so many DLNA irregularities in the Bridge that problems can crop up when JRiver makes changes. The folks over on the JRiver board can be cranky but they do pay attention and will tackle problems. It’s a model PSAudio would do well to emulate (especially important when they release their music server product).

I received this response from Bob, one of the JRiver programmers today in regards to changes 13 and 14 as described a couple posts above:

“Change 14 fixed your lack of track advance. Change 13 was a fix for track advance in case of a manual seek during playback.”

It might take some time, but they usually address issues as long as you cooperate with their trouble shooting. You have to get them off of “anti-virus is the problem” first!

With the most recent Bridge II update, I decided to experiment a little bit in JRiver. I unchecked all the “fixes” for an improper functioning renderer: Set Next, etc… Seems to be working perfectly. I’m curious to see if others would have the same experience.

Since the Bridge II update, JRMC has been much more stable. FWIW.


I would echo this. At least in my case/application, JRiver more stable and Tidal a bit less.

Little more info. Bridge II is still an imperfect DLNA renderer even after the update. JRiver has a feature that auto selects “Disable SetNext Support (for broken renderers)” if it’s necessary. This gets auto selected by JRiver regardless of user settings (it overrides the deselected manual choice). It was worth the experiment.