Mconnect-Control & PSAudio Issue/Thoughts


I’ve had a chance to live with my DSDAC jr for around 6 months and love the sound quality and the product in general but I have to say that the reliance on the mconnect app leaves a lot to be desired. Given the high quality of the PSAudio gear the spotty an irregular performance of the app doesn’t improve the user experience. Mine routinely drops the connection with that DAC, has odd performance issues with both TIDAL streams and files from my NAS (Skipped tracks, skipping forward, lost connection its…)

I understand the dynamics of the Bridge II and the mconnect software as external non PSAudio products and I’ve also followed the growth of OCTAVE and related products from PSAudio. I mainly posting this to express hope that when the new products are rolled out that effort will be made to support existing products with better control apps and the like.

However I have extremely happy with both my DSjr and M700’s so there is that :):grinning:


Hi chanifin,
I too experienced the same issues as yourself and I now use the usb input. Please check out my post here:
Royville reply to "Ethernet vs usb dac connection - why
Even now I’ve not found a better method.


My issue is that I’ve set up network that keeps a NAS in the basement along with the router. I did that to keep all the noisy fans etc… far away and allow me to use my files on multiple systems in the house. I can’t really go with USB for a number of reasons and a big reason why I went with the DSD Jr. was the connectivity as well as the general quality of the product. In the end I can try ROON and might go with a dedicated ROON system with a NUC (or equivalent. I’m frustrated because (in a small part) because I went from a Yamaha CD/Network player that used the Yamaha app that worked flawlessly and consistently to the PSAudio which sounds 10,00 times better but does not play music as effortlessly or without deeply annoying interface errors.


You did not mention your connection method. Are you using a wireless or wired connection to the DSjr?


The whole network is hard wired with CAT 7 cable and very short runs. Obviously the iPad/iphone connection to the DAC is wifi through a dedicated wifi router. The network is stable and I’m pretty good with IT/Network setup and don’t have issues with other connections or if I’m running the DAC with footer 2000 from a PC.