Gain match Stellars with tube amps


I am considering the M700 amps however what about biamping.

I really liked to try having some flexibility and biamp with a tube down the line…

Looking at the specs, is 30.5 ± 0.5 db meaning i could gain match at 30, 30.5 up to 31 db?

I also find that gain matching is difficult especially with tubes AND if you have budget restrictions.

Wouldn’t it be better to pair the monos with a Tube preamp instead, at least give more flexibility? Would the sound be different?


Sounds like a darn good plan to me… Hybrid in our case means “both in a row in a particular order”… Well, your plan fits the bill… Make sure to check in- and output impedances, you don’t want to create high-pass filters…

Oh… And welcome… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have always preferred the sound of Class D based amp with tube preamps over SS one.

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Also in terms of the sound, will the bass be affected by the tube preamp, and in which way? I don’t have much experience but although i can imagine how mid/high frequency can be mellowed by the tubes, i have no idea how this can be translated to bass.

Has anyone compared a tube/ss biamp vs a tube preamp + ss amp and what are their opinion on how they sound?

I also read that the Stellar does have a somewhat “analog” sound compared to, for example other amplifiers i was looking. Is the tube preamp option therefore adding too much to the analog charachteristics of the whole presentation?

EDIT: I realised the title is more related to gain matching amps at ~30 db as I would welcome if someone has an idea of a good (without breaking the bank) amp to pair with an 8ohm speaker and the M700 s


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I would listen to the M700’s first. I switched my audio Research tubes to the M700’s and was expecting a more dynamic sound which I got, but was surprised that there was no treble harshness with the class d amp.

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I agree with @jgiese… PS Audio has a “try first” policy… Use it…!

As to your other question(s)… Tubes are lousy and weak (IMO…!!!). BUT… Used on the right spot in the gain-chain (…!) they will/can do their magic…!

Again: Try and listen for yourself… Also: at idle make sure to turn everything loud and put your ears to the tweeters… In other words: the size of tubes isn’t the only reason the world has gone to solidstate… :expressionless::expressionless:

I agree with @jgiese… PS Audio has a “try first” policy… Use it…!

In the UK we don’t get to have all these options :slight_smile:

Ok so i will try to listen, or maybe to get the stellars and then try a tube preamp on the chain.

I have so many questions unanswered though :slight_smile:

Howdy personalvoid!

I personally am not a fan of biamping. Finding appropriately gain matched amps can sometimes be a pain (or quite expensive), and tube amps tend to require higher maintenance than a tube preamp. Plus you run into potentials for your two amps of choice not synergizing well. Plenty of potential problems.

I am much more of a fan of using a tube preamp with the M700s. A good tube preamp (my testing was with our BHK Preamp) does not impact bass or mids/highs. Instead, it adds a more organic, musical quality to your music. Simply put, I found more enjoyment and engagement in my music with the BHK Preamp around.

Now, that’s not to say a solid state preamp like the Gain Cell isn’t a solid partner for it. It’s what I’m running for the long term, though some of that magic is gone without it.

All in all, my preference is to use a tube preamp, though the M700s still sound very musical and natural with solid state in the mix.