Galen, is this bend too much for my UPOCC?

Hi @rower30. I’m finally putting my new room together and wanted to know if this amount of bend for my IC’s is dangerous, or not recommended. Thanks.


No problem at all. The cable kind of “resists” and tells you you’re pushing it! Over time FEP will take a “set” and be easier to orient in bends, at least in the set direction!

Here is what’s behind my cabinet just so you know I practice same as I preach. I pull the cabinet out some and get a nice loop radius for the XLR air core cables.

If you are close to the wall a side oriented LOOP like you have will work as long as the worst bend at the connector is adequate. My cables are end of reel scrap so they tend to be short and not too good at versatility as standard length cables. I don’t get the good stuff except a few to show customers that stop by. The 1.5 meter was selected to allow easy add/move/changes based on the cable’s stiffness. Reality has a place in all this.

Thank you for asking how to treat the cables right. Air core cables will be stiffer with fluorocoplymer dielectrics.

Galen Gareis


Hey, these babies are not cheap! (for me, anyway :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) I’m going to treat them like a baby’s bottom if you say so!

But with regard to your pic, see I was kind of hoping the ICs could be available in a 1.5M length like that.


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