P15 and Power Cable Recommendations

Hi all,

I am planning to add a DirectStream Power Plant 15 to my system in the future. While budgeting for that I was thinking about saving for an upgraded power cable as well.

Anyone have any recommendations on a replacement for the stock P15 power cable?

I noticed that PSAudio no longer sells their AC power cable line and recommends Audio Quest.

Thanks, Alan

Budget? Here’s a good manufacturer of custom cables. High quality and affordable.

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If you believe gauge matters: http://nrgcustomcables.ca/

I have 4.5awg feeding P10 and 6.5awg feeding DS DAC. Very pleased with the build and ‘sound’.

I compared these to several borrowed, more expensive cables, namely Shunyata NR series, Zu Audio and one other I forgot at the moment.


I can’t see myself spending more than $500 but that’s not based upon any real data just gut feel. I would value someones actual real world experience more than my gut so it could go up or down.

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Cullen would definitely be able to make you for something for that. Those NRG cables look nice too…

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How flexible are the NRG cables? They look beefy…

That was my primary concern. Nawaz sent me photos with the bend radius. It’s not been a problem at all.

I’ll find them and update this shortly…

From Nawaz:
I’ve attached a picture of two ‘The 5’ cables (Black/Blue sleeve) plugged in to my wall, one showing the “S” bends that are possible for ‘The 5’ (‘The .1’ CS can make even tighter bends), and one of an un-sleeved ‘The .1’ CS showing its initial bend capability.



Thanks for posting the photos. I have mostly Cardas power cords and few from Patrick Cullen. I use AC5 for my two Power Plants. That 4.5 awg is a monster. Bet you could tow a car with it :sunglasses:

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I’ll second Nawaz’s cables at NRG Custom cables. I replaced 5 AC12 cables from PS Audio and I was more that pleased. I needed custom lengths and wanted a custom colour. Nawaz was exceptional at communication and turnaround was about a week from order to plugged in. They need a bit of time to break in though. He’s a fellow Canadian and a small business guy. I like to support both if I can.


Contact sales I was told you still can get PS Audio power cords from them.

Thanks everyone. NRG has a 60 day return policy and a very attractive price. How can I not try them? I may do the same as @brett66 and get one for the new P15 and one for my current DirectStream DAC.


Mention to Nawaz the recommendation, I’m sure he’d like to hear word is spreading.

Will do @brett66.

I have a PS Audio PP 12, and I bought the Pangea Audio AC-9SE Mk II to connect it to the wall, which I highly recommend. Price is reasonable, quality is outstanding, positive impact on SQ is amazing. Cable is 7 gauge, so somewhat inflexible…

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Many people, myself included, have found that Shunyata Sigma power cables do wonders for the P20. I imagine that should be similar for the P15.

Shunyata is releasing new products and anyone who has the “old” product in stock is now discounting up to 50% off. If you look around you may find this to be true.

It’s a swell time to buy last years Shunyata Power Cables. I am glad I bought mine. And I am even happier reading other guys who say I am wrong.