GCPH phono stage


Just received July monthly news letter this morning. and know about “NuWave Phono Converter”. something that I don’t understand after reading about “NuWave Phono Converter”. maybe I am a new comer and don’t know more about PS product. hehee…

Doesn’t anyone of you can tell me what is GCPG phono stage?

Right now I am using PWT and PWD markII with Bridge. if I use “NuWave Phono Converter” to play my old old Systemdex, the setting==> can be linked with “NuWave Phono Converter” and PWDII with Bridge together?? by using “I squared S”??

very exciting after reading, I hope I can play my old old Sytemdex player and let my old old Systemdex alive…


The quick answer is yes - it has I2S out so you’ll do what I do now - play all my vinyl directly through my PWD! It’s fantastic.

The GCPH was our old phono preamplifier http://www.psaudio.com/products/audio/perfectwave-accessories/gcph-phono/


Can the new phono stage drive an amp directly?


@nile49 - i guess you would not be able to control volume without using preamp/PWD


what will be the difference between NuWave Phono Converter direct to pre-amp and NuWave Phono Converter to PerfectWav DAC to pre-amp???


It does not have an internal volume control, that is correct. The difference between going to a preamp or going to the PWD is that one is a pure analog chain (to the preamp) and the other is a digital chain. Sound wise there’s almost no difference.


Would it be available in Hong Kong in Sep as in US? Or we need to wait for some time?



Please pardon me for asking but looking at your name I am curious.

Are you female?

I ask because we have long been awaiting some “lady” members to our group.





Very cool, Welcome!

If you are comfortable please let us know what brought you to this challenging and mysterious hobby?


from this day this forums will get even more charm than ever before (sorry Gordon :slight_smile: )

@ellen_ng welcome :slight_smile:


My late dad was a HiFi lover, and he left over batch of equipment for me, but most of them are completely or partly out of order, or outdated. In 5 years time, I just finished renew of all equipment.


Very nice!