Does PS Audio still sell the Nuwave phono convertor?

Huge fan of my Directstream dac, but also enjoy vinyl and have a very good vinyl rig.

Currently use a good but “could be bettered” phono stage and looking to get a better one.
Having a DS, the no brainer option is a Nuwave…

Are they still being sold?

Thanks much.

I think so

Order one quickly. They are closing them out.

Im in the UK

Do I need to order direct from PS Audio?
The dealer I got my DS from doesnt stock it.


You bet. We have them available.

Hi Gazjam,

My name is Travis, I manage the international sales side of things at PS Audio. Like Paul said we do have DMP available now! Your dealer can order one for you even if they don’t stock it. You could also reach out directly to the UK distributor Signature Systems. We work closely with Kevin and together we can help get a DMP to your dealer for you. He can be reached at Kevin@signature you can also contact me directly at

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.


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Thanks Travis, good of you to post here.

Thanks much.

Thanks, Travis! Where are you right now?

Especially since he’s somewhere in Europe right now, not quite sure where.

Wrapping up a busy day one in Horten, Norway. Looks like we sold one maybe two P20s today. Our system is on point and sounds great. Off to Riga, Latvia tomorrow afternoon.





Travis Townes

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Hi again Travis,

Due to splurging this month on new speaker cable (ouch) would be a couple of months saving to get the funds together.

Will the Nuwave still be available to buy in a few months?



Are you referring the NuWave phono converter (NPC)? I do believe we have enough to get through the next few months. If you have your heart set on one let us know and we will get it over to Signature and you can buy it when you’re ready.

There is a new phono player coming eventually. We don’t have any estimated release date for it yet.

The NuWave DSD DAC was replaced by the Stellar GDAC last year so that one is no longer available.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Travis, great Customer Service.

Yeah, its the phono converter (have a DS Dac) in the past I’ve spoken with Kevin over at Signature, he’s a good guy.

Basically I’m putting in place my ‘final’ system (fed up faffing about with sidegrades) and playing my vinyl into my DS dac via i2s, making top quality vinyl rips…well, does it get any better?

Be a couple of months till I can pull the trigger but yeah, have my heart set on one.
In black please, to match my DS Dac.

Thank you for reaching out, it’s a testiment to the Company.
Not many hifi companies around like PS Audio, and were all the richer for it.

Thanks guys.


or all the poorer! :slight_smile:

I’ll reach out to my PS UK Audio Dealer as well Travis, to get the ball rolling.

Many thanks again.

Last year, I blew it and didn’t order an NPC. I just picked one up on eBay and it arrived today. I had to choose between cooking dinner and setting up up the NPC. Guess which one won? :slight_smile:

I’ve only ripped one album (Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism) and doing a straight transfer of 24/96 to a 24/96 FLAC (Vinyl Studio) sounded pretty darn good.

I don’t know why this fabulous peripheral isn’t sold anymore. I can do some critical listening of the phono preamp itself later this week when I get back from a trip. Doubt I’m going to hook it up to the DirectStream (which I gather is what the I2S is for?), just rip to FLAC and then play from the NAS.

People didn’t buy this thing? Wonder why …

I bought it and I’m in an opposite position: I’ve used it as my phono preamp, balanced analogue out, and have never bothered to use the ADC for any purpose (if I did it would be to play through the DSD).

A great component in my opinion.

I love my NPC and it allowed me to use my Directstream as a preamp so I could play my records and also archieve them via the computer. I is an Excellent component and wish the new phono stage had the Analog to Digital converter too. Now that I have the BHK preamp in the system I no longer use it via I2S to the DAC when playing records. This frees up the I2S port for other use. For some reason they did not sell well as most people did not appreciate the ability to record their records to the computer. Using Vinyl Studio I get excellent results and can remove the ticks and pops which makes the end result sound quite like original digital material.

I purchased my NuWave Phono Converter a year ago and have not looked back. I’m very surprised that they didn’t sell well as even if you forget the digital out so you can transfer it is an absolutely superb phono stage.


The Swedish krona is low