GeerFab Audio D.BOB digital breakout box

I just read Kal Rubinson’s review of the GeerFab Audio D.BOB digital breakout box, posted online yesterday on Seems like a non-soldering and legal way of getting SACD DSD audio from my Oppo BDP-105Ds HDMI output to a DAC. The D.BOB has two SPDIF outputs, one RCA the other Toslink. Would this work with my Directstream Jr DAC?

I’ve been curious about sending DSD from my SACDs to the DSjr, reading here on what folks have done, but have no intention of opening the Oppo’s case, buying a fiddly I2S board, burning my hands, and swearing. I’m a golfer; I already have lots of opportunities for swearing. Thanks and happy listening!

Out of reach price wise for me. Go to either of the Forums and you’ll see what I mean.

If you don’t mind the channel swap, there’s no soldering required if you only use the green board which accepts a standard 5V Wall Wart of you choice. With a knife, you can break off the resistor R47.

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