Quality USB switch


I am in the process of adding a dedicated streaming device to my system.

Would like to be able to switch between my Mac Mini and a streaming device.

Since my DSD only has one USB ,
I would like to use a switch if there is anything out there.

Any thoughts?

I was thinking of the Matrix but that is not really a switch.

Thank you

The Matrix is the best solution. It will also make your streamer sound better also.
Or you can have two Matrix’s and use both I2s inputs on your DSD. The I2s inputs are the best sounding inputs on the DSD.


Every time I do not think I need the Matrix it seems keep coming back as recommended.

Last time I was about to purchase one,
I read that it is not really needed for DSD and Auralic.

I really do not want to have to get two.
It really seems there would be a better solution for what I am looking for.

I am only looking for a USB switch.

Thank you

You mean something like this?

And a pigtail from Uptone Audio.

This is exactly why I feel PS Audio runs an excellent form.
I get straight and clear answers such as these.
No BS!

I keep running into difficult people on other forms that do not have anything else to do than try to ruffle feathers.

this is exactly what I am looking for but if this is going to degrade SQ I am out.
What do you think?

If there is no such product,
I guess I can pull USB and replace it with another.
Not great idea to say the least.

I do see a Matrix on my horizon but not just yet.
Would like to add a streamer first.

The Matrix would also need a separate power supply to work its best.

Thank you


It probably will degrade sound quality, any kind of switching will add noise, but I don’t know how much. It almost cost nothing to try, so I would go ahead and try it out first. The difference might not be that noticeable. Just use good cables.

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If your intent it to purchase a new Auralic Streamer like the G1 or G2.1 then you would not really need a second USB if the Auralic is just for use with the streaming services. I have owned four different Auralic streamers and where available the AES output to me is the best sounding. You could then run the Auralic AES and your Mini via USB. One of those cheap switches are going to be noisy and prone to intermittent drop outs. A higher quality switch though not the best option will cost a bit more than the one from Amazon.

Just wrote to Uptone Audio.

I only see one USB port on this.

I need at least two.

On another Topic,

I am still waiting for Wireword to release their new cables. .
But I am not sure if there will be anything with HDMI for I2S?
If not,
the new HDMI cables should be fine.

Thank you

Excellent advice!

Just heard from Uptone.
Pigtail will not work.

Just installed a Starlight USB between my Mini and DSD .

Am waiting to see pricing on new cables.

What do you think about the Matrix with DSD and Auralic G1?


This is just about he last choice I would had assumed that one would be using with this device.

Thought I2S would be first.
USB second.

You seem to have quite a bit of experience with Auralic.

Never really thought t of this until now.

This could work perfectly if this connection is as good as you say it is.

Thank you

EDIT. I have no idea what I’m saying :slight_smile:
I shouldn’t be multitasking today.

Never even though of this an a option.

Just assumed I would go wired from Mini.
As I am doing now.

Bu it is looking like my best option is going with AES between streamer and DSD.

This makes perfect sense.

Think I was going down the wrong path.

only limitations would be not being able to use DSA or PCM 352.4 Etc.

I think the only way to get these is through SPDIF using Matrix.

Thank you

Just a quick thank you for all the excellent replies.

I am not sure what I was thinking,
it seems very clear that AES would be the way to go.

I am not sure why I why I was so hung up on USB.

I agree that a good quality cable would be most important.

Most appreciated

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