Matrix spdif2

I now have my Directstream for about 4 weeks and it has been a revelation!
I expected an improvement over my previous dac but this has been way beyond my expectations.
I have an Innuos Zenith MK3 to SoTM txultra USB, Sablon USB cable to Directstream, Tellurium Black Ultra interconnects to Audia Flight Int. amp , Tellurium sp. cables to Audiovector S3 Avantgarde speakers.
If I purchased the Matrix spdif2 to connect via i2s would it make a substantial improvement in SQ ?

Everything you could ever want to know about the Matrix coupled with countless user experiences is here: Matrix X-SPDIF-2 if you have the patience to wade through it.

As to your question, there is no way for us to definitively answer that question beyond what has already been discussed. It really is a situation that requires a home trial in your system. It is not too expensive of a device and they sell rather quickly here in the Marketplace if you find you don’t get enough “value” by adding it.


I just purchased the DSD DAC and have just over a weeks time of continuous play on it. So far I am very impressed with the DSD DAC as it breaks in.

The Zenith Mk iii is on my list as an upgrade from my Mac Mini. I heard the Zenith Mk III with the Phoenix USB reclocker at RMAF. The difference with it was impressive. The Matrix may also be a great option to convert USB to IS2. I’d be interested in the results you get should you pursue the Matrix. I’m trying to sort this out at the moment considering Curious Cable direct to the DSD DAC or Phoenix, to USB, or possibly a Matrix with Linear Power Supply. I’d rather not do the latter as I don’t want a lot of interfacing boxes to get an improvement. That said the Phoenix is rather pricey at $3,150. A Matrix could be a great value option even with an LPS.

BTW, there is a thread on the PS Audio Forum that shares experiences of those who recently purchased a DSD DAC. You may want to share your experience as well at::

I have purchased the Matrix SPDIF2 and it is running for about 5 hours.
The improvement in SQ straight out of the box was immediate. More depth to the overall sound,even tighter bass and sweet mid range.
The config. is Zenith MK3 - Curious usb - SotmTX ulltra usb -Sablon usb – Matrix SPDIF2 – Directstream.

The HDMI cable from Matrix to Directstream I purchased for 20 Euro

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