Get the best sound from the DMP+DSD combo

Hello Friends,

It has been a while since I have added the Direct-Memory-Player (DMP) transport to my Direct-Stream-DAC. I am using McIntosh C70+MC460 and a fantastic pair of JBL Super-DIY speakers. I also have a Furman Linear Power-Conditioner (Elite-15 Power Factor i), which I am not sure whether is good enough for my system.

Anyways, recently I have spends like 3500 CAD$ on AudioQuest Balanced cables and Speaker-cables and their audiophile grade plug. The sound is really good. For the first time in my life, I am happy with the sound of my system. I just wonder whether I can go even further!

1- The DMP is connected to the DSD via a HDMI cable supplied by the PSAudio. Will the sound get any better if I purchase a higher quality cable (and maybe shorter in length) cable from the AudioQuest?

2- Is that Furman power conditioner good enough?

3- Are there still other things I can do make the system perform better? Like put the transport on isolators or better placement of the units? (Please see the pics.)

Thanks in advance!


Subwoofers !

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Components stacked on a power conditioner some how does not seem natural.

One suggestion for you to try:

Make sure the speakers are at least as far apart as they are distant from your ears in your primary listening position and move them as far out into the room as your significant other will allow. Then, experiment with moving them forward and back and closer and further apart (using small distance adjustments) until the imaging and depth of field sounds really good to you. (At a minimum, I would get them out in front of your table far enough that the front of the speaker drivers are past the legs of the table and the stack of kit.)

One of my favorite resources for covering the basics and getting the most out of the kit that you already own is Jim Smith’s, “Get Better Sound”. You might want to give a it look: Link to Mr. Smith’s Site and Information on the Book

Have fun playing with the speaker positioning and searching for improvements.

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You might also try power cords. I find replacing them especially on the DSD have a noticeable improvement.

An even more obvious are the speaker spikes / vibration control - as you might have seen Paul’s experience with IsoAcoustic GAIA spikes. I have them too and they totally transformed my pair of speakers!

Investigate Revealtion Audio Labs HDMI cord or A Wire World Platinum Starlight as second choice. The GAIA footers for speakers. I found my McIntosh amp’s autoformers react great to Isolators too despite them already bring potted.

Power Cord on DSD is a must have also.