New Directstream DAC

I got my new Directstream DAC 24 hours ago. I purchased used but I think I got a brand new unit.

I’ve been using the XLO burn-in track continuously with the amps off.

The Directstream sounds terrible: the images are small, the sound is thin and tinny. Guitars don’t sound like guitars, tambourines don’t sound like tambourines but like high pitched noises. If I didn’t already know it was a tambourine, I would’t be able to tell. Poor instrument separation. Voices are sketchy and indistinct.

My previous dac is the original version of the MSB Power Dac which is vastly better.

Martin B.

This doesn’t sound remotely like the DirectStream. How are you connecting it? What source do you use?

The rest of my set up is the same as it was for the MSB dac:

Lifeatec glass Toslink cable.

Source is a 2011 Mac Mini running Amarra.

Music is CD’s ripped to AIFF by myself using proper methods.

The Dac feeds Cary 805AE monos that drive custom whizzerless single driver Onkens.

Martin B.

I think there has to be something terribly wrong with your unit. Where did you buy it, which firmware you use?

The firmware is Huron.

I purchased from a dealer on Audiogon.

Unit looks cosmetically new.

Martin B.

Probably Huron didn’t load correct, try to reverse to Torreys and have a listen. Then you can recharge Huron and retry.

Hope it will work out for you.

Thank you.

Yes, Huron was the problem. I installed Torreys and it is fine.

I will eventually post a comparison to my MSB, but for now I will say that the Directstream obviously has more detail.

Martin B.

You might now try going back to Huron. Let us know.

Excellent news!

As Paul suggests, do reinstall Huron. It is substantial improvement over Torreys.

Chromcast audio: anyone try with the DS? It’s the size of an Oreo. You can hang it off the toslink input. Needs a USB power supply too. Only $40 so I’ll try no matter what. Seems like a great way to stream internet radio, pandora, etc into the DS. I know this is an audiophile forum but sometimes you just want the choices on the internet easily implement into the big rig. The downside for Apple people, like me, is no airplay and a flakier app. I don’t know it’s digital output but guessing min 16/44 (probably 24/96) like Sonos. Nice, simple and cheap. Anyone in this community try it?

P.S. Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack this thread!

Yes I’ve used it a fair amount but just for Spotify, sq very nice with their Extreme stream, but my MicroRendu now has it so I no longer use use it, even better sq. It’s been very reliable, only connection problem was once when I needed to install new s/w.

Thanks!! Android or iOS phone to control?