Getting DSD256 with Directstream DAC and Oppo 203 (Roon)

So I have been testing a lot of Roon settings, back and forth between lossless, MQA and using the Roon DSP for DSD into the Directstream. I have found that in my setup, the Roon DSP DSD setting sounds the best, but then I have to use the Bridge II, and the Bridge II only goes to DSD64.

My Oppo 203 has the i2s mod. When I go through the Oppo 203 I2s, the DSD option is not available in the sample rate conversion settings in Roon. Is there any way around this? I guess that Roon automatically sets Oppo 203 for no DSD option.

I think if you hook a monitor up to the 203 and go thru the setup menu there is a setting to pass DSD thru without down sampling.If I remember correctly you have to make the setting using the 203 remote. It’s been a year or more since I made the setting so YMMV.