Question about DSD on Directstream DAC

I just bought another Directstream Dac (had one previously) for a second system. I’m using it as dedicated DAC for a Roon server. I’m trying to figure out why Roon is converting DSD64 to PCM before sending it to the PS DAC. In Roon support it states " If you see a signal path where the only thing going on is DSD->PCM conversion and (possibly) a subsequent sample rate conversion, it’s almost certain that Roon is converting because it doesn’t think your device can handle DSD directly.

Any ideas?

Thanks all.

Have you checked your DSP setting for the DSD in the Roon program?

I turn off ALL processing in Roon.

Suggest you do the same and see if this changes anything.

Sorry if this is obvious and you already tried it.

Good luck.

Thanks. I just looked, ROON doesn’t do Native DSD. This is a secondary server, an inexpensive Roon Rock setup. My main server (a custom build) has HQ player installed to handle DSD. I have no problem buying another copy of HQ Player, I’m jus not sure how to get it to run on the 2nd server or even what directory it’s installed to. If anyone has any insights, they would be much appreciated. I know the guy that build my main server would know how to configure this one but he lives in Poland so I don’t bug him too often.


I don’t know Roon, but don’t get side tracked by worrying about Native DSD. DoP is DSD wrapped in a PCM envelope, but the DAC will unwrap it and get exactly the original DSD bits. So any options that talk about DoP are the ones to look at if Native DSD isn’t an option.


Thanks very much Ted. BTW, once again you have outdone yourself with Sunlight. This DAC sounds so good in an SET setup with open baffle speakers (even though I know Paul doesn’t like those :grinning:)


Hi Ian,
not sure where you found the info that Roon does not support native DSD (besides DoP, which is fine, too, as Ted explained).
In my system (also based on ROCK), I can get DSD (native) directly to my PS Audio DS DAC (and do not need HQ player for that).
Maybe you can share a screenshot of your signal path?

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