GigaFOIL Ethernet Filter Has Launched


It’s a Golden Age of both.




I use Audirvana+ and am really impressed with the sound quality. I run Audirvana on a purpose-built Mac Mini - situated in my audio rack directly hardwired to my audio equipment - with all the superfluous hardware and software stripped. I also power it with a Tera-Dak linear power supply.

Originally, I connected it through my AQVOX SE audio-optimized switch to an ultraRendu, which is a fantastic product! I soon after discovered my Oppo UDP-205 can act as a UDP end point, so I decided to A/B my Oppo against my ultraRendu. I already had the Oppo in my system so it just made sense. I honestly could not detect any audible difference between the two, so I simplified my system and removed the ultraRendu and now stream Audirvana to my Oppo 205, which connects to my PS Audio DirectStream DAC via SPDIF.

The AQVOX SE switch was a game changer in my system. My AQVOX SE has onboard noise elimination, so I wasn’t sure how much of a difference this GigaFOIL box would make.

Now that I 've had time to listen, I know. With the GigaFOIL addition, the high end frequencies reached a level of clarity that took me by surprise. I have made MANY improvements to my system over the last several months - all doing their part to improve the overall experience. The change this box brought to my streaming quality was a step beyond what I thought possible taking into consideration what I had already done to improve that chain. This improved high frequency clarity also brought increased holography and soundstage expansion. The improvement is truly impressive. Though not exactly a bargain component, it is an absolute steal based on the improvement it has brought to my system.


Appreciate the mini-review…keep us updated as things settle in, please.



What about placement/what is running into and out of the GigaFOIL?



@JeffofArabica - The AQVOX-SE sure was a game changer for me. I’m on the fence with the GIGA FOIL used in conjunction w/ AQVOX-SE; I added the Sbooster MKII for the AQVOX-SE power. Also added the Sbooster MKII to the Nucleus+ all pretty much at the same time and I love the streaming SQ I get w/ Roon OS for the Roon Nucleus+. Adding convolution filtering is the bomb. I’m so glad I’m an audiophile whore. I will definitely give the GIGA FOIL V4 a try… :slight_smile:

If you set this up before me, let me know how well it works w/ AQVOX-SE. Assuming you are not running the GIGA FOIL V4, production product?


Geez…you’d think for $500 they could have at least made it attractive. It looks like something I might have made in shop class back in H.S., and I was lousy at shop :^ /


The GigaFOILv4-INLINE is currently undergoing regulatory review. I’m assuming Jeff has the V3. I understand the V4 production version will have better/smaller packaging; however, they will both have the same performance. If it is in the back of your rack, you could argue and the V3 is kind of neat as the plenum would fit through a 0.25in aluminum 3in tall strip across the back of my rack. The output looping up to the AQVOX-SE switch… I just asked for a quote… figure the V4 will be toward the end of the year and a ton of orders…


They recommend setting it right before your endpoint. For me, my endpoint is my Oppo UDP-205 which receives the stream from my Mac Mini running Audirvana+. They also suggest the shortest cable run from the output of the GigaFOIL to the end point. So, I am using 25cm Excel Lan cable from AQVOX.


Mine is the v4. I ordered it from DJM Electronics.


@JeffofArabica - yes, I have a pair of 0.5m AQVOX Ethernet cables that would fit very nice with the plenum going through a 3in tall piece of (sprayed black) aluminum channel from post to post. I need a picture of your V3 please… :slight_smile:


WTF! - says the V4 is in regulatory testing… :frowning:


I have that baby all configured already. See how a plenum would work or the V4…


Bizarre! I just looked at my invoice and it says “GigaFOIL v4”.


send me a pic please… does it have a plenum… been waiting 6 months… :slight_smile: Did you call or email, or both. So stoked, been waiting for this… saves on all the optical claptrap… what type of power supply? Need pics, please. I was going to buy an Sbooster MKII w/ Ultra (5V) for the GIGA FOIL V4… stoked. That AQVOX-SE you said was amazing sure was amazing.


@JeffofArabica - I will have to purchase another one of these cables. I have one going from AQVOX-SE to Nucleus+ and PSA DS DAC; both 0.5m. I will pick up the shortest cable they make and configure the rack channel aluminum to support the 18in cable.


@Cardri I’ll snap a pic later today. I’m out and about at the moment. I’ll also properly respond to tour questions at that time as well.



@JeffofArabica - All good, thanks. I just ordered a 25cm AQVOX CAT7 cable. I’m going to design the GIGA FOIL V3/4 mounting channel and order the 0.25in aluminum piece. Either approach it will require the same piece of aluminum. I will also order the Sbooster (5V) w/ Ultra MKII. All of this should converge in a month so I will follow up with DJM Electronics when I see your pics this weekend. How long from order to delivery? Will use their LPS and then see the difference when adding the Sbooster. I’m going to design the Sbooster mounting to aluminum channel approach.

Just ordered the 0.25in aluminum channel for the GIGA FOIL V3/4 mounting. Will debur the aluminum plate, smooth out and paint black. Then drill & countersink the (4) mount holes; then, drill and tap the rack pole (1/4-20) to receive the channel plate. Then, mount the GIGA FOIL V3/4.


Ok, here are a couple pics. Not sure what angle you need but I have it positioned on the same shelf as the Oppo 205 (which it connects to) - positioned directly behind it.

I discovered its release a couple weeks ago only because of this thread. If you go to the top, you can see the OP mention its availability for purchase.

Right now I am using the power supply it came with, but will likely upgrade that soon. I wanted to make sure that it made a difference before investing more - and boy does it make a difference!

I have not A/B’d with the AQVOX SE in and out. Reason being is there are things that the SE brings to the show, such as improved clocking and jitter reduction. The fiber optic gap of the GigaFOIL brings its superior EMI/noise elimination. I see them both fulfilling very different and equally important roles.

I received it in 2 days I believe, but I am only about 90 miles from DJM Electronics in SoCal. Regardless, It should arrive in 3-4 days from the time you order. They are quick to get it packaged and in transit.

I have been doing some A/B testing taking it in and out. I have no difficulty perceiving the benefit it brings while connected. This is a killer little box!



Jeff - That is the GIGA FOIL V4 (in-line)… BOOYA! Oh ya because you work the opto isolation 100dB in a small box without the fiber optic cable and convertor clap-trap. All in one box and then you add the Sbooster linear PS and there you have it in a small footprint, low drama…

I ordered the channel & cable already, now I will order the Sbooster, now that I see it… what was the cost - $500?

Do me huge favor: measure the box please LXWXH… I want to model it with the Sbooster for the back of the rack. Now I just drill a hole through the aluminum channel on the AQVOX-SE input side and run the Ethernet cable from GIGA FOIL to AQVOX-SE switch input that is right on the PSA DMP player. 25cm is definitely long enough.