GigaFOIL Ethernet Filter Has Launched


It was $550 + $20 s/h

Here is a link to the product on DJMs Website. If you scroll down you can see the schematic with the dimensions.


Yeah, that is the cable length I got after reading in their setup instructions to use the shortest run from GigaFOIL output to end point.


Jeff - I used the link and no schematic or volume measurements?


Its there, keep scrolling down… I just double checked.


Jeff - weird, scrolled all the way down and the only thing I saw was V3 stuff


But just in case, here is a screen shot…



Try going to and click on the “INLINE Ethernet Filter” under “FOIL Ethernet Filter” on the left navigation. That will take you right to the V4 page I am referencing. There is a link for the installation instructions there as well.


Jeff - bizarre - I can’t get to it… thanks… thought it was going to have a smaller footprint than V3… thanks a million…


Did that 10X and all it has at the bottom is contact info after the product description


send me the link when you jump to V4 page please.
How did you order, I see no order form, just send us info…


That was the first link I sent:

So strange… Do you have another browser to try?

EDIT: On that same page is a link to submit the purchase order. It is a bright yellow horizontal bar that you can click a link to submit the purchase order.


OK - so you don’t think I’m crazy, at least about this… :slight_smile:



You need to clear your browser cache I believe.


yes - jumped on my other laptop and BOOYA, there it is… thanks…
Request in and $550 + $20 for shipping = $570… worth it… now I have to order the Sbooster and 1.5m AC05 for the Sbooster… thanks a lot, been waiting for months… now I have to redesign the aluminum channel mounting for the V4.

Can you take a pic of the power supply, please.


Jeff - Just designed the mounting plate. I’ve got some very serious Velcro strips (2in wide) that I may be using for the mounting of the GIGA FOIL and Sbooster. Two strips for the Sbooster and one strip for the GIGA FOIL. Assume the GIGA FOIL is 3lbs tops and the Sbooster is 5lbs. I can also use the arcing AC12 power cable zip tied to the rack pole to aid in holding up the Sbooster. The same hold true for the CAT7 Ethernet cable in/out.



Jeff - after designing the GIGA FOIL mounting bar, went back to other computer, cleared cache and that solved it. Thanks…


How much faster is it off the line? ; )


Excellent! In the words of Hannibal Smith… “I love it when a plan comes together.”


Great Stuff! I love your vigor in comprising these great renderings. Always entertaining to look at :ok_hand:

As to your earlier question, the power supply is simply a wall wart. I can take a pic for you but it really is a barrel plug and wall wart - nothing special.