Gigafoil power supply unit good quality?

I am enjoying my Bridge II with inexpensive Ethernet cable but I am upgrading my Ethernet cables to good quality Cat 8 Reunion DH Labs with 9meters before my Gigafoil filter and then a short run of the same Ethernet cable to the Bridge II. My question is that is the psu that comes with the Gigafoil sufficient or would it make sense to upgrade the psu which comes with the Gigafoil. I should mention the psu that comes with the Gigafoil is heavy and substantial looking but should I be looking to upgrade the psu?s

It is a good power supply but I use an HDPlex LPS and it worked very well. The LPS has multiple rails and allowed me to power multiple devices simultaneously. I sold the GigaFoil when I bought my EtherRegen.

How does the Gigafoil compare with the EtherRegan?

There is already a long thread about this product.

I was curious as I use a 25m ethernet cable from server to streamer and read the review in Audiostream. At least the first paragraph or two. The reviewer talks about the sound of a digital product as if it’s an analogue product.

With regard to CAT8, it is more expensive as it has bandwidth 300 to 400 times that of CAT5, and CAT5 could carry a 3gb file with 1hr of 24/192 audio in a matter of seconds. CAT8 is a cable designed for extremely high volume commercial data transmission and requires different and more expensive shielding. Someone said elsewhere that for audio CAT8 is a bit like putting a jet engine in a lawnmower. I rather like that analogy.