Gigafoil c

Does any one still use just a Gigafoil before the Bridge II with good results. I’m enjoying a Bridge II with a Gigafoil between DHLabs Cat8 Reunion Ethernet before and after a Gigafoil before my Bridge II. I am using an Sbooster power supply for the Gigafoil and I find the sound good but not as good as my Perfectwave Transport. Any one else have this type of setup and is it normal for the transport to sound better than the Bridge II. The sound is pretty close but the transport is crisper sounding. It’s pretty close.

Try bypassing the GigaFOIL. Although I never had an issue with my Bridge II when I had it, my PWT did sound better. It shouldn’t be drastically different though.

They are not drastically different but they are quite close in fact with the Perfectwave transport sounding a little better. They are quite close however.