GIK "Slatfusor"

I have been searching for a diffusor at an affordable price point that won’t “ugly up” my front wall behind my speakers.

I think I might have found the solution I am willing try:

Any thoughts…?


I looked at those too. The price sure seems decent for the amount of labor and material involved. I did not check on shipping costs.


I’ve got four of the SlatFusors, two 2’ x 2’ x 4” and two 2’ x 2’ x 6”. The thicker ones are on the front wall directly behind my speakers. The thinner ones are on the rear wall up high above my record storage. I also have four 2’ x 4’ x 5.25” 244 Flex-range panels (fabric covered panels), one at each first reflection point on side walls and two in each front corner. The corner ones were temporary until I decided what I wanted to put there. GIK recommend Soffit Traps which are huge - 17” x 17” square. Just today I got an e-mail on the new SlatFusor Triangular Corner Traps with the Oak Diffusor Strips. They would look much nicer than the Soffit Traps. Just might order them tonight, but have to compare specs …

As for performance, I like all of them! They do help but I haven’t run an REW sweep since I got the four SlatFusors. I will say the REW sweeps don’t show big changes, but the ear knows better!


I am more interested in diffusion than absorption on the front wall.

Do you happen to have a recommendation for which thickness would be best for behind the speakers? My speakers have a very wide dispersion at the tweeters and I already have some bass traps in the corners.

I am leaning toward the 2" think panels.

I grabbed a few and I’m impressed with the quality for the price. They made an immediate improvement for me, creating a much more deeper sound-stage. I wasn’t using anything prior so I have nothing to compare to. I’m still thinking of getting a couple for the back-wall. I got the 2’’ and the large are pretty hefty. I guess how they look is subjective but here’s what they look like in my room if that helps any.


I went with the six inch thick for the front wall since GIK told me you can never have too much bass absorption. An overstatement perhaps, but that was my thinking. If you feel you have enough bass absorption then the two inch might be fine. Both Chris B. and Paul have said an absorber behind a speaker can be a good thing if the speaker is close to the wall. My FR20 are 29” (measured from the rear face of speaker cabinet) so I call that fairly close since I think four feet is recommended. To this four feet recommendation I would comment that without any rear mounted drivers it would seem more appropriate to measure from the front face, not the rear. Not sure what frequencies would wrap around to the rear, I would think only bass unless there is a rear driver. Chris Brunhaver, any comment?


Thanks for the feedback. My speakers are about 5 feet from he front wall.

I think the 2 inch thickness and the rectangle shaped panel lined up right behind the speakers would do nicely. At least I think I’ll start there. My tweeters are 33 inches off the floor and should pair up well with the longer panel.

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I’ve got three pair. Two pair of the 4’ and one pair of the 2’. All of them are the 2" thickness. One pair is directly behind the speakers and the other two pair are at the first and second reflection points. GIK Alpha’s are behind the rack and Impressions on the back wall over the LP Bins and storage cabinet. They also just announced a Slat Fusor Tri-Trap all on a 15% off sale. Shipping is based on Zones. From Atlanta to Greenville or Tallahassee has always been reasonable.

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How did they help behind the speakers?


Smoothed things out a bit as opposed to the ports firing into drywall. Nothing “dramatic” but since it was a newly built room I ordered what I thought I would need in advance based on the previous room and then just put them up. Gives a placement variance from the side walls of 2’ to work with. With the current placement that gives from 7 to 11 feet apart for the two speakers center to center. More than enough wiggle room. Still in the process of moving what for now will be the permanent gear there.

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Would love to see some pictures once you have settled on placement of all your gear…


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Will do.


I contacted GIK about a comparison of the SlatFusor corner trap to the Soffit trap. Not surprisingly the Soffit trap is at least twice as good at absorbing low frequencies (60-100 hz region) and actually performs much better at the lowest bass frequencies (40 hz and below) which I need. Looks like I’m passing on the SlatFusor for the corners …

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Makes sense to me…

I use RPG stuff (and others). I use their superedge but should possibly have used Modex Plates. see:

ModexTM Plate 2.0 - RPG Acoustical Systems

i used Seven Audio as recommended by another poster here. Great product, high quality finishes and reasonable prices (even after factoring in shipping from Poland).

Seven Audio Acoustical Treatments

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Looks like the GIK slatfuser is 10% off this month.

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Just saw an email to that effect…