Golden Ear Triton One Speakers and Directstream Combo

I’m thinking about upgrading my speakers (currently vintage Allison Ones) and I’m wondering whether anyone is playing the DS through the Golden Ear Triton One speakers or whether you have heard this combo.

I haven’t auditioned these speakers in my system yet, but I listened to my demo disk at the dealers with an Oppo DAC and it was very nice.

Thanks for any feedback.

I think you’d be happy with Triton-anything…

I think that how well the amp you’re using works with your speakers would be as important, if not more so, than how a DAC fits with speakers–particularly if you’re not using a preamp. The Triton Ones are extremely efficient and have built-in amps for the subwoofers. I thought about getting the Tritons and using a 40wpc tube amp that I have. In the end I ordered a BHK 250 to use with my existing Von Schweikert speakers, which like power. I imagine that using an amp like the BHK with the Tritons would be overkill.