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Off the wall comedy from 1965!

Haven’t gone to the movies since before COVID until last weekend when Lucy and I went to see “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.” A very good movie!


Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is old fashioned filmmaking at its best. Lesley Manville steals the show. Loved every minute of it.

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A really good comedy-mystery from 1963. One of my all-time favorites.


I know only the main theme which is superb. I suspect the rest of the soundtrack is at least very good as well.

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Another Henry Mancini triumphant effort.

i dont know i wonder that too

why do the picture look so uggly? did they use digital camera?

how i did miss this one :thinking:

is on my watch list now :grin:

Picture looked fine in the theater. Great movie.

I hope you enjoy it. As I said, it’s a good comedy-mystery that has been one of my favorites for years.

ok mm :thinking:

i saw it;
i like it

ps. dont miss this one too:

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Have just seen the 2022 theatrical re-release of Avatar in 4k HDR + 3D. I’m reminded of what a stunning achievement it was. James Cameron … who else. A picture that must be seen in the theater to be appreciated.


Can’t wait for Avatar: The Way of Water. It will be helmed by James Cameron again. Release in December.

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Cameron is truly a groundbreaking director, conceptually, visually and innovatively. He blazes pathways that lesser directors will find difficult to emulate. Another director who runs parallel to Cameron currently (in my opinion) is Denis Villeneuve. His visual style, pacing, color palate and overall ability to integrate the plethora of details involved with creating a first rate film (Arrival, Dune P1, P2, Blade Runner 2049, Sicario) should give them a rather long shelf life. Much like Kubrick.