Google Commercial

Ok, so the first thing that comes to mind is “What a Great Commercial”.

What is the second?

Ah, now THAT is what makes it a Great commercial.

Don’t worry, Damp eyes look fabulous when accompanied by a warm smile.

Box of tissues optional but a sleeve works as well.

I was happy to be reminded that there are good looking, mobile women in the world.

The rest was a bit tedious and sentimental - maybe read Midnight’s Children instead?

Bah, Humbug. =:)

No, I really meant it - she's cute!

David said: maybe read Midnight's Children instead

I used to stay at a friend's hotel on Juhu Beach [Mumbai] where all the starlets hung out at the pool.
There are indeed some stunners.
Speaking of books.
Have you read "And The Sea Will Tell", by Vince Bugliosi?
Great for looong flights.
BACK to the ad, yes, doh, it is supposed to raise the sentiments. If ya ain't dead!

Or easily manipulated with stock, tired imagery and predictable story lines.

But she is cute.

Seriously you scrooges!

Although I cannot fault that view, few on our side of the world can appreciate what Partition did to friends, families and 2 countries. [now 3].

The American civil war pales in comparison, and it can still be an issue for some in the south.

This was to depict a wonderful reunion between childhood friends, of different faiths, that were torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. How lucky we are to watch it all just in the movies.

Yes, it is a smart Google ad. I just like how they think, in this case.

Gordon said: Seriously you scrooges!

Nope, just not easily manipulated by heavy-handed archetypical story lines produced by giant corporations hawking their wares. I resent being beaten about the head and shoulders, and forcibly told how I should feel.

Gordon said: The American civil war pales in comparison . . .

This, of course, depends on who you talk to. I certainly would never tell those affected by any war that their pain is less than that of others.

We are not impressed. "Your war wasn't big enough, was insufficiently politically correct, and failed to involve people we can relate to."

Additionally, the impact of all such events fades with time and the Civil War was a few years ago. Not too many are currently personally bewailing the horrors and losses of the Peloponnesian War, despite the incredible cultural, political and economic devastation which resulted.

Enjoy the ad. Buy lots of Google services and products.

Tough crowd!

hey, without Google, our forum SEARCH would not work. =))

P.S. don’t be shy to let the “teddy bear” come out more often. We love that side too! :smiley:

Edit: Google happens to work hard on their collective mind-set.

One cannot fault them from also following their commercial and competitive mandates.

I have owned their stock for a long time and the proceeds have more than paid for my audio system+ a couple of cars.

In this particular case [ This was an Indian ad campaign] they remind people that friendship can help bridge many differences and knowing personally, people in that same boat over there, I salute them for this brilliant and poignant video.

As always if I like their product then I’ll buy it and if not, no. What does this have to do with curry?

We are often too quick to judge.

One of my best friends “will never buy a German car”. So Japanese, American or Chinese ones are MORE morally appropriate?

One of my staff, from Florida, is a charming southerner. As an avid subscriber to “Garden and Gun”, I suggest you have a chat with her about her impressions of the civil war and its legacy and see how you get on.

They’ll line up to compete to win in the “Olympics of suffering,” as Ian Buruma called it in his review article, The Joys and Perils of Victimhood. I don’t see much point in posturing as a referee about who had it worse.

The google girl is still cute. So there is some enduring value to the vid.

David said: They'll line up to compete to win in the "Olympics of suffering," as Ian Buruma called it in his review article, The Joys and Perils of Victimhood.

"Olympics of Suffering" is a perfect descriptor.

David said: I don't see much point in posturing as a referee about who had it worse.


I think you guys should get married. :smiley:


Gordon said: P.S. don't be shy to let the "teddy bear" come out more often.

There is a place for this, clicky.

Gordon said: I think you guys should get married.

Good, God. Back to middle school we go. At least it is a step up from outright name calling.

While the thread deserves to die, it should have been retired at least a tad more graciously.


Great post gorden. Very for-filling with emotion.

Al D

This is definitely one of the best threads to appear on the PS forums for a long time. It has everything a mid-day soap opera has. Tune in tomorrow to see if Gordon’s scorn can survive can survive another withering barrage of sarcasm from Elk and David… I’m glued.

@stereophilus =D> =))

@stereophilus - complete saga emerging with antipodean ancient greek chorus

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