Gotta Love this Guy

Gotta love this guy, as Audiophiles, and particularly given the loss of Heartbreakers masters in the Universal fire.


Very cool! That box set is pretty damn good!

And near field ATCs!

Frighteningly nearfield ; ) Though the SCM 25A’s I had did indeed work better very nearfield than they did far away (like, 8’), his 5.1 setup is a s…load of speakers in a small space. Of course in that application, you don’t have to turn them up very loud, so the distortion and room interaction is potentially low and so on.

I guess as an audiophile, I would have to wonder about the physical size and spread of the drivers sitting that close.

But you know - you get used to almost anything.

Makes me wonder if the number of speakers and close distance overload his space with bass and thus he mixes Tom Petty with so little low end

My lowly 11s will crank well beyond the dB I can tolerate and completely fill my 18’x14’x8’ space with very low distortion bliss

Yup - feel that totally. It is an ongoing issue. It may have something to do with how the tracks were originally recorded though, as now you could certainly make it as fat as you want. But often there is only so far you can go pushing the sound of the original recordings without…issues. Without changing the character of the well-known tracks.

Interesting, I never get the feeling bass is lacking with Tom Petty. Certainly not with the box set that was the topic of the video.

It could be the glare ever present on less than stellar systems. Listening now to An American Treasure on my proper system and it sounds quite good, balanced.

I’ve always liked Tom Petty’s music but would mostly avoid it because of the glare. I need to revisit albums I likely judged not based on the recording but the system playing it

Of course there’s always the possibility that OUR setups may suck with respect to a well set up/neutral mastering room : )

Gotta buy new stuff/tune my room…dang…

But - assuming you have Qobuz, put on the 24/96 of “Here Comes My Girl” and then “Morph the Cat” by Donald Fagen.

Recording, and Mastering.

I like to use “Morph” or “H Gang” to set upper limits of subs, either on vinyl or digital. Pretty near ANYTHING else is going to have less bottom : )

Donald Fagen recordings are usually outstanding. Try some Lee Ritenour recordings, or, Keb Mo, or The Aristocrats, or any GRP recordings.
My version of the Petty box set is 96/24 WAV

Yeah - all good sounding stuff. Sorta why I got “spoiled” when I was running a combo 5.1/stereo setup years ago, as the ARCAM surround amp allowed me to change the level and crossover (etc.) of subs from my chair with the remote. Not all recordings are created/recorded/mastered equally. I suppose that will again be possible with the AN speakers, I dunno.

If you’re going to go through DSP, you may as well be able to tweak it. Otherwise, I do not dig it, generally and Audiophilically speaking.