Had an Awesome Tour Yesterday - Especially Octave Studio's - A Big Thank You to Everyone at PS Audio

A big thank you to all the staff yesterday at PS Audio. Jason & James gave me a great tour today of the factory, music room and I met Gus Skinas who is an awesome human being. The demo he gave me of the unreleased Joni Mitchell track in 5.1 DSD played through his Sony Speakers powered by the BHK’s just locked me into the track for the 8 or so minutes of playback. A quick Hello to Bill Leebans to compliment him on Copper which I read every month

When I explained to Gus what my poor man’s DSD setup consists of. He legitimized it. It was a badge of honor for me. Seeing Neil Young’s Revox mixer and ARP Synth sequencer was too cool. The modular Moog wasn’t running but he explained his Berringer synth module rack and the fat Moog like sounds he achieves with it. Seeing the Juno 106 brought back memories of me yearning for one in High School (I had a Roland SH1000 similar to the one Steve Miller used on Swingtown). I could have stayed up there with Gus all day. He gave me his card and asked to keep in touch. That’s class !

TJ was the one who I’d been in contact with the last few days about coming to the factory and the one who handled the quick repair on my SGCD…

I met up with my fellow Canuck Darren Myers. Praised his work on the m700’s that I consider the McIntosh killers and told him so. Wished him luck on the Cartridge Preamp even though I’ve gone fully Digital, there are those who want this preamp to be a success and I’m sure it will be.

Even though Arnie Nudell’s Speaker’s weren’t running (James mentioned a phase issue with one of the Tweeters), it was just awesome gawking at them.

Music room # 3 has the same Stellar Stack that I bought and Jason spun a Diana Krall’s version of California Dreamin’ which I’m familiar with on my Rig.

Music Room # 2 we cranked some Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Clark Jr. but the boys couldn’t find your Wish You Were Here SACD which I wanted to compare on both the IRS V’s and the AN3’s. Nice job on the revolving seat. I stayed away from any Jazz or Classical and told the Boy’s NO Vinyl cause I just wanted to hear DSD and high bitrate PCM. After hearing the Joni Mitchell track, the Monk chants, and Diana Krall coming out of all five Sony Speakers. on Gus’ Sonoma System. Any Vinyl playback didn’t stand a chance with my ears. PCM is good but DSD is a whole another level 20 years on !

Anyways, if you are in the office tomorrow, you’ll see the note I left inside my Amazon bought copy of 99%. My Wife, myself, and our Chihuahua Happy are going on one of the trails not too far from the office early early in the morning. We are driving to Sante Fe, New Mexico Friday afternoon and back home to Scottsdale, AZ Sunday.

My only disappointment no being able to hear ELP’s Tarkus’ first 10 minutes on either the IRS V’s or the AN3’s. Or Genesis’ Firth Of Fifth at the 6:20 mark.

Once again, a Big Thank You to all your staff. I truly felt like a kid in the candy store. When The Boss is away…we kid’s will play !

Joe Goswami

Neil Young’s Revox Console

Neil Young’s ARP Sequencer above Gus’ Berringer Synth Modules

Gus & Me - What a Nice Man

Left, Center, & Right Sony Towers below 3 Harbeth Speakers that are part of array of speakers - not shown are the rear identical Left & Right Sony Towers or the remaining Harbeth Speakers tucked in the ceiling and behind

Another angle of the Sony’s/Harbeth’s/PS Audio BHK’s

Smiley The Revox Tape Deck
Music Room #3 (I think) I have the same Stellars in Black. Sounded pretty good to me.

James & Me (Jason not shown because he was busy taking this picture)

Look Familiar ?

Even though they weren’t connected, it was a thrill just looking them

I’ve seen these in a bunch of YouTube videos by some Dude name Paul

Wiring this clean was never my Forte’ as a Tech

Music Room #1 Survived my Visit in The Boss’ chair as did James & Jason

What started it all
My Golf, my Dog’s Butt (ugh!)…my Wife took this picture


Hi Joe, great summary and pictures. Must have been a nice experience. Did you also have a chance to go into the mountains that paint the Boulder scene? That view rising along the highway from Denver to Boulder stays burned on my retina. What a place. Did not know the existence of PS AUDIO back then, I would certainly have freed up some time for a tour.

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Great pictures!

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Just curious, what are the speakers in the room with the Stellar Stack and the turn table.

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ERA speakers. The turntable is a custom one we are playing with.


Thanks. It’s a company that doesn’t get a lot of mention in the audio world, or at least my audio world.

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Great report…love and appreciate your enthusiasm…

Thank you for the pictures, in particular.


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Great report and thanks for the pics.

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Darren Myers is a Canuck? Didn’t know that.

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Sort of. He’s spent most of his life in the States, but also had dual citizenship.

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Great report, loved the pictures. Very nice of Gus to share some of his in progress work.

PS, love the Samson pose.

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Grew up in London, Ontario. Educated at UNCC. Stint prior to PS at B&W/Classe in Montreal.

So he’s actually the reverse of my Son. Our Son Abraham was born in Bethlehem, PA (we lived in Easton and I worked in Somerset, NJ). At the age of 4, we had to move back to Canada (long story).

Where Darren is Canuck with an American accent. Our Son is an American with a Canadian accent (but he doesn’t say Eh ! :canada: like his Old Man). Abe’s a Dualy too ! But he won’t admit to the Canadian one…LOL

BTW Paul. He’s hating Army Boot Camp and we do miss him at home. Letters to and from every week. Part Time Duty only.

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Brilliant stuff Joe! Would love to do that myself once.

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Thanks for sharing in text and pictures, Joe. Awesome. I’m very happy for you. Would love to visit, too. Just a bit far from Munich. Maybe, someday…

And: cool to spot the ATC50s in the studio. Feels like home :slight_smile: Someone should take care to upgrade the tweeter. The old one (in the picture) got replaced by a new developed homemade tweeter by ATC which 1. is said to play in another league (and I can confirm that) and 2. is not using ferrofluids like the old one (which degrades over time).

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Whaaat… a Moog, but no Infinitizer??

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Sadly, there was only one Infinitizer and it got consumed in a fire.

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:cry:… would have been great to unleash on the world.

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At the time, yes. Course today polyphonic synths are a dime a dozen. But, back then a rare treat.

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What started this adventure was Paul’s Post from about a week ago. 15.5 hrs from Scottsdale, AZ with breaks/necessary gas fill-ups taking roads less traveled (what gorgeous views). Then it got dark as we drove through the twisting and turning Mountain regions of Colorado leading into the Firestone area (cheaper Hotels) 30min. outside Boulder. Would have been great during the day to have actually taken in the breathtaking scenery. But those types of roads are what keep me from drowsy driving at night. I’m no good on Interstates at night. 3:30 a.m. arrival because I was inspired this take this trip 14 hours earlier. My Wife couldn’t pack our suitcase and the Dog any quicker.

5:30am wake-up call at the 1st Hotel by our Dog because of another Dog staying at the Hotel on the day of the Tour.

Oh by the way…Did I mention that today is my Wife & my 21st Wedding Anniversary ? Thus the trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico on the way home. On day 2, we did drive halfway up The Chautauqua Trail, parked the Car and we walked a part of the trail taking lots of pictures (I regret forgetting to use my Wife’s Canon SLR at the PS Audio Tour). The pictures would have come out so much better than my crappy iPhone 5s’ Camera. I realized this when we were leaving the parking lot. I’m one of those people who if the object is not in front of my face, I will usually forget it exists or where it is.

Sante Fe, New Mexico is an Art Shopper’s Paradise (if you can afford it…beautiful works however). Great Restaurants and Bars everywhere. One Bartender actually made my Dirty Martini w/Kendricks filled to the rim of the glass ! That’s NEVER happened to me before and only $10 !

Winding back at home now reading 4 letters from our Son at Army Boot Camp (he’s hating it). His letters to us are received quicker than letters we send to him.

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