Bought friend a Dac/preamp - had been living for years without tweeter posts wired!

I have a musician friend with great taste in music but with a modest system I wanted to help Improve. He was using a cheap audio mixer as his preamp, and computer as source, for CD playback. He recently got an entry level rega turntable with built in phono pre, but listening, his 25 year old Tannoy concentric 2 way speakers sounded off - totally recessed vocals, etc.

He had wired some small speakers In parallel to get some mids.

After setting up the $150 mini preamp/DAC, I turned his speakers around for the first time and realized they had Dual binding posts, but nothing wired to the tweeter’s post!

I guess he has lost the metal jumpers years ago. I made some wire jumpers and then turned the second speaker around to discover a broken binding post and speaker wire duct taped on! I removed the speaker’s back plate, removed the broken post and replaced with bare wire wrapped around the contacts.

We removed the extra speakers, fired it up and the system sounded brand new.

It was so gratifying taking a system from broken to good sounding, and knowing how much more he’ll enjoy his extensive world music collection.

We listened to the CD layer of this disc he had, (after I explained about the SACD layer.) Great recording in a fantastic acoustic space, not many seem to know about. I just wish I had the gear to rip the sacd layer so I could play it.


Good job helping out. It is always rewarding when we can do that.

Well done! Your audiophile knowledge has served the cause of Music (and Friendship)!

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Any disc with Jordi Savall is worth checking out. Glad you made it sound proper in playback; you’re a good friend.

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Well done! Hopefully this will be the start of your friend’s audiophile journey.

Thanks - I don’t think he’ll ever upgrade beyond what he has, now that his system is sounding better than ever, but he certainly appreciates when he comes to listen to my system.

BTW he was given two reel to reel decks a while back and took them only to discover it will take some money to recondition them. Too bad since I have some master tapes of musicians here in NYC I recorded years ago I’d love to hear.

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Sounds like some fascinating music and just ordered physical media from Amazon. Thanks for the tip and so great that you helped an audiophile friend.