Grating commercial jingle

Just thought I’d reach out here to see if I’m not alone in this. Normally I can tune out annoying commercial jingles, and with a DVR, don’t hear that many in general. However, I absolutely despise the Burger King “BK have it your way” jingle that seems to rule the commercial airwaves these days. Is it purposefully annoying/out of tune (at least sounds out of tune by a horrible voice to me), or just that bad? Arghh!

Oh gawd, for me it’s the damned Kars for Kids jingle. :confounded:


I found the perfect solution years ago: Pitch the television out.


Yep - ban the tv.

When mrs joma is away I don’t go in the room with a tv.

I have a small tv with a handle for easy lifting in my music room, for the occasional film or for streaming Glastonbury live streams to, the re at of the time it lives in a corner with a cushion cover over it.

Never hear adverts :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t even talking about TV, I hear the Kars for Kids commercial on the radio and even on the SiriusXM news stations. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Irritating ad jingles are what the mute button on my remote was invented for. Talk about an easy fix …

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I think, in the UK, we are lucky here in that we have commercial-free broadcast radio and TV from the BBC, so there is always an advert-free option. They do a bit of self promotion of coming programs and the like, but that’s it.

There are (and have been for several years) an increasing number of commercial radio and TV channels, and sadly local BBC radio (and the World Service!) is being continually underfunded, but I’ve never understood how folks manage to sit and watch / listen to commercial channels: the slightest interruption from some (almost always loud and brash) advert carp and I’m up and out of the room.

TV remote controls helped, but never managed to remove my intense ire at being interrupted to try and sell me something :slight_smile:

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100% with you on this one tuladct - I can’t hit the mute button fast enough. Bloody awful. :confounded:
How do you audition singers and then pick the absolute worst one!?

Runners up:
Talking Babies and Baby Talk In Commercials - NOT entertaining, NEVER was. Same goes for adults talking in infant speak and CERTAINLY any ad that depicts teddy bears speaking in baby talk. Add dancing to any of these character abominations and the annoyance level is tripled. There’s a kid’s gummy candies ad with board room adults talking in kid’s speak - Mute MUTE!!
It’s worse than being held down and being forced to watch back to back episodes of Big Bang Theory and Two Broke Girls!

And there’s the ruining of great songs with crappy butchered renditions on commercials. Brutally sung by appalling singers and their darling little off(key)spring. Nothing enhances the nuances of heartfelt crafted lyrics and beautiful melodies from the songs that framed the greatest times of your life like associating them with a particular brand of feminine hygiene products, soda pop or butt-wipe. I’m QUITE certain Bernie Taupin did NOT have the purchasing of crappy consumer garbage on e-commerce websites in mind when he wrote ANY of his songs… Rocket Man - Rakuten???
Prime Examples -
Ozempic - Pilot’s It’s Magic and I Heard It Through The Grapevine - California Raisins…
There’s some gawd-awful new ones out now that I thankfully can’t recall right now.

And I will submit - for me, commercials with annoying dancing. Watching someone dancing like a moron is not going to make people want to buy your anti pants-peeing product or ED pills. Why not try the honest approach: ‘Viagra… Because you married her 44 years and 107 lbs ago; before either of you had a moustache. And she is wearing Depends. ‘Order your Viagra TODAY! And don’t for get to pre-order your Weed Whacker brand™ vajungle machete razor blades! * Free industrial super-strength drain cleaner with every purchase*

Not a fan of SPCA commercials however there is one benefit - no pet gets more loving than right after his owner sees an SPCA or abused animals commercial on TV featuring sad skinny injured pets. You can’t help it. You just gotta pick up and lovingly maul your fuzzed critter before the ad is over.

Bring back the schoolhouse rock commercials!! :grin:
Hey Little Twelve Toes had a great funky little tune to it. Ok, the chorus sounded like a 70s yacht rock AOR Seals & Crofts, David Soul, Looking Glass, Henry Gross, Bread, Stephen Bishop, Ambrosia, David Gates, Christopher Cross, England Dan Hill Fogelberg & John Ford Coley soft ballad, but the rest of the song always stuck with me.
And hey, you got to eat Cap’n Crunch, watch cartoons and learn something.

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Do stupid jingles count?

  1. “Liberty, liberty, liberty…, liberty…” for the insurance company.
  2. “We are Farmers, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum” another insurance company.
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It’s working—so many of you are now singing, talking about and sharing those product names. :rofl: :joy:

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My all time favorite ear worm commercial. Being thirteen at the time, I thought it was a silly ad considering it was just a soft drink. But, I can still remember the tune without fail. The lyrics, not so well…

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“Save Big Money! You’ll Save Big Money! When you shop Menards!”

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Cute in its day, but overplayed…

Just when I thought I had forgotten that one, …
it sinks right back into my subconscious…DRAT ! :grin:

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