Sprout night in Ohio

Listening to Beethoven’s 9th tonight in an empty house on a pair of ELAC B6.2s as loud as I like (again, empty house, with seven kids all homeschooled and a bride who can’t handle loud sounds without feeling overwhelmed, is a rare event) is making me question the value of my “good” system.


That thing is a crazy over-achiever : )

Hope you have a good pair of earbuds or headphones.

Good enough. The open back ones for when people are across the room and a set of UE Reference Remastered for when people are nearby. Customs were a ludicrous purchase but I approach them with a “sorry-not-sorry” kind of attitude.

I would kind of like to try a pair of the Meze Classics 99. Anyone have a set that can offer an impression?

I am overly impressed with my Sprout100. I really didn’t expect this kind of sound (musicality, as Paul would say) from a $600 audio component. I have Martin Logan 35XT’s running on mine and it is fabulous! The Sprout really makes the AMT tweeter on these shine.

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Dood - I just read that first post again, and can’t believe I missed it, but…if your Bride* is doing the majority of the birthing (as distinct from adoption) and raising and feeding and schooling of SEVEN KIDS…well then, not turning the stereo up seems a small price to pay : )

  • reminds me of “I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock 'n Roll” - apologies, but Google/Tidal it - Nick Lowe is Pub Rock at its finest. Next time the house is empty ; )
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Awesome! We’re proud of little Sprout, it always packs a punch.

Yes. All birthed. She’s a trooper. The only problem is being “present” with headphones that don’t disturb. Thus most of my listening tends to be at work or while she sleeps.

Work got better when I brought in a NAD D3020 and the matching speakers. Sound is so much better than any Bluetooth speaker and the directionality means I can listen at reasonable volumes without disturbing anyone. Got some Glen Campbell on now-why was I never told how awesome he was??

I’d bring in my Sprout but that just begs to be louder than work allows.

The sick thing (I mean that in a good way) is how well it performs with the Harbeth P3’s…I’m stopping by to pick up a Sprout 100 today to go with my new pair of desktop speaker/work monitors. From the the first time I heard the combo on Darren’s desktop last year (and every time since) they are just a head-shaker. Under $3k Killer System - the Eye-Opener to the High End. Then add a Sub or two, and fuggetaboutit…:grinning::metal:t2:

When I first hooked it to my LS50s I was disappointed. But with the ELACs it just rocks, rolls, sings, and howls. If I ever buy that Syzygy sub that Underwood wants to sell me and move my baby sub (KEF Kube 1) upstairs to the Sprout system I’m afraid I might be tempted to never listen to the main system again. (Well, that’s unlikely given how good the NuWave Vinyl Converter sounds, but you get my point.)

It’s all about the Syzygy…I mean Synergy (just like saying, “Syzygy” : ). Wish there was a Formula, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

BTW, “Sprout Night in Ohio” sounds like a good Title for a song.

Oooh - what’s it Mean? An Evening in Springtime when you see if there was Enough Rain? I’m Stuck With the Kids at a Football Game? The possibilites are endless.

That’s exactly correct! While I love the Sprout, I’m already looking to upgrade to a Stellar monoblock system. I’ll keep the sprout for the den though…

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Yeah. It nearly drove me to Stellars. But I exercised restraint this time. I wish I knew someone with some Schiit Vidars that I could compare to Stellar 700s. I think a Stellar Pre is a forgone conclusion when I can afford it, I just haven’t made my amplification decisions just yet.

If I could actually play the guitars I have, I might have to work on something like that. Start with the “Sprout night, watching the hops grow, hating Ohio State blues…”

Yeah I was looking at the Vidars online last night. Their best preamp and a pair of Vidars would be a little over half the cost of the Stellar monoblock system…but, I think the pedigree and reputation of PS Audio would be enough to sway me to the Stellars. As well as the awesome CS of PSA and the resources (like this forum) to back everything up.

Yeah. There’s the rub. I have no real interest in a Schiit pre. All their stuff I have I like very much (the Bifrost multibit just sounds so real), but my pre will be from PS Audio. For certain.

Glad to know the office furniture at Wright-Patterson AFB hasn’t changed in 25 years…also, Glen Campbell is amazing. A guy I hated as a kid/young adult because of some stupid notion of what was hip. Had to be “counterculture” or it couldn’t be hip.

“I am a lineman for the county…” Great song.

My old office still has the orange and yellow dividers that passed for cubes when I arrived here as an LT. Orange and Mustard yellow with metal desks that were beat to hell. This place is luxurious relative to there, and we don’t have a mold problem here. But the water is still undrinkable.

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