Great review DMP/DS

Great review of the DMP/DS combo in the 2018 may issue of Music Emotion, THE dutch hifi magazine

I don’t recall a product that is as mature/old as the DirectStream DAC that continues to get so much review traction in HiFi print media.

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Me neither, and that really deserved !!!

But Redcloud just released last December, it’s a new DAC. :wink:

I’m enjoying mine as I write

Well, that’s the marketing line. I’d just say a new variation on what was before.

Do you expect to see a DS mkii in the next future? I just bought mine, without thinking about that.

I imagine to go one better from the hardware side would probably push the price outside what they might want it to be.

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Ted has said there is still room to improve the current DACs through firmware updates. I imagine that when he starts to hit the wall in terms of further improvements he’ll likely start looking at the hardware side.


Thank you guys

Hope he’s got 2 or 3 more firmware upgrades in him. The DSD has been the best money I’ve ever spent in audio. Bet I’ve owned 18 different CD players and DACs. I’ve owned the DSD since it came out and am not looking at all! Changed the way I listen to music.


I agree on all counts. Mine started as a PWD Mk I. Only the chassis and the display board remain. The rest is Ted’s stuff. And amazing stuff it has been and continues to be.

Mine started as a PWD MkII…and I thought that was a great DAC.

I couldn’t be happier with my DSD Sr and DMP.
But, but ,but do you sell your old stuff whenever you move up to new? One thing that I’m so mad at myself for selling was my Aesthetix Calypso. What a dope. In fact, I recently tried to buy it back from the friend I sold it to and he just laughs at me. What a dope.

It was. But the DS is way better. If there is ever a DS Mk II it will have to be incredible.

Most of my stuff that gets replaced moves into my second system, and then the basement. My wife is not thrilled with that arrangement.

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Of course I sell the old stuff. Never seem to get that much money for it. I honestly try not to think about regrets in any way. Just move forward.

Fine pice of gear you sold though. I came close to buying one before I found a great deal on a SLP-05.

I’ve sold a ton of gear. No regrets. Except that one electric thing that seemed to have a pulse.


My superseded stuff tends to find a nice dark space under the bed in the guest room.

Huh? …

Ghost in the machine…