Stereophile Recommended Components - 2017 Edition

Congrats to @adminpaul and @tedsmith and the entire DS team

The DS remains at the very top of the Stereophile recommended components, years after the initial release

Mentioned in that review. I wonder why they used PerfectWave Memory Player as a source instead of DirectStream Memory Player.

I think their last review of the DS DAC came out before the DS Memory Player was released (I could be wrong).

Hopefully Stereophile update their DS review after the Huron update too.

The DMP is listed as K:

"Class K

'Keep your eye on this product.' Class K is for components that we have not reviewed (or have not finished testing), but that we have reason to believe may be excellent performers..."
Listed in the last section of
and defined in
It is nice to have the DS listed every year since it came out...

Congrats, Ted!

Ted Smith said
It is nice to have the DS listed every year since it came out...
Very well deserved!

The description/comments regarding the DS are quite detailed and specific, of substantial benefit to the reader.

I find striking the price range and design differences of the units in the A+ category, indicative of wonderful creativity among audio designers.

Paul McGowan said

Congrats, Ted!

Congrats to Ted Smith and Paul McGowan and the entire DS team. More love from Denmark.
Paul McGowan said

Congrats, Ted!

Elk said
Very well deserved!
Whole heartedly concur! I think the reason it stays in the top spot is the firmware updates. Like getting a Mk II, Mk III, etc. every time and the best part ... for FREE! I am just awe struck how they continue to do this! Thank you!

The fact that the DS DAC is repeatedly reviewed in Stereophile and other magazines such as Hi-Fi+ and TAS is indicative of the advances made by Ted Smith and the team at PS Audio. I only post to this forum now and then and usually in search of help but I have to say that it’s a joy to be a member. No product is perfect but PS Audio goes far and above in trying to make this one so.

Thank you.

Back in the 2000s, Stereophile published a ‘40 years of Stereophile’ list, a top 100 of all time important audio components that made significant contributions to the home audiophile experience. I am fortunate to have had a few over the years, and I can say with confidence that the DS DAC has earned the right to join that esteemed group. It’s rare a component can compete year after year with ever improving technology found in newer models, especially in the DAC market, but to stay at the top in that category is a crowning achievement.

Congrats and thank you Ted and team for designing and continuing to improve the sound of the DS DAC simply by firmware updates, and thank you Paul for producing such a pleasurable (and legal!) product. It will be the heart of my system for many years to come, unless of course there’s a DS DAC II.

All of us at HiFi+ are big fans of the DS and of PS Audio gear in general!