Growing Sprouts

Here’s a shot of Sprouts, many Sprouts, growing at the Munich High End show where we debuted the product.

10320529_10152234796138075_3941410633691341065_n.jpgTthe reaction to Sprout was really good, although the way we set it up at the show, most people thought it was nothing more than a headphone amp. We had to really show folks it also has a 50/w per channel power amp for speakers.

Probably next show we’ll have it setup with a small pair of bookshelves, maybe some of the excellent Peachtree speakers or, perhaps, a new speaker we found from Finland called the Amphion.

Pretty cool and when we drove the Raidho D3 loudspeakers in the main listening room at the show, people were simply blown away how good Sprout sounded. Congrats to Scott!music-078_gif

Now all you have to do is get your funding and get them out the door. clapping_gif My wife’s little integrated just died, by the way (I have another that she can use for now but a Sprout could replace a couple boxes, which she would love).

When are Paul and Scott coming back so we can kibitz on crowd funding?