Sprout and the hi-fi of the 90s

Good morning, everyone! Was wondering just how does the Sprout 100 behaves itself with the older speakers. Do you think the 1995 Yamaha NS-7 will be a good option for this amp? They are somewhat hard to push, so it might be a good idea to look for something mightier, or not?

They are 87dB efficient and 6Ω so Sprout could definitely drive them to reasonable levels, though if you were hoping to rock the house it might be a tad shy.

Thank you, Paul. I admire your openness and attention to the customers’ needs. Too bad I can’t audition Sprout here in Moscow to make a deliberate decision. But I guess these forums are the best place to find guidance. I have a 215 sq. feet living room to rock, far less than a house, but sometimes I like to get a glimpse of what a concert sounds like. All in all, clarity and stage is what matters to me the most, so I wonder, if the Sprout is capable of filling this room with sound.