Happiness Is!

Happiness in audio works much the same way it does in life. Happiness in life is having what you love and loving what you have. This is what I have been trying to communicate when discussing the use of the DAC to drive the amp directly. I have been very happy with this set up and had great soundstaging, depth and overall sound quality. I am blessed enough to have acquired a BHK Signature Preamp and added it to my system. I am truly appreciating the changes it has made in my system. If you are happy with your DAC driving the amp than of course do so. I have since I got my Direcstream DAC 3 years ago. With that setup I clearly appreciated every software change that Ted built up over the years. If you get a chance to add the preamp and find a great deal as I have give it a try. I believe you will love what it will do for you. Be sure you have selected speakers that can allow you to hear proper soundstage and set them up properly. You can get that done before you take the next step.

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Good for you @sixpack1…!