Happy Record Store Day!

Support your local store!


Our town decided to have a marathon in the middle of town without checking the Record Store Day calendar.

What is wrong with people?


My local store was pleased with me.


Well done!

Anyone succeed in grabbing one of the special issue LPs, such as that of Taylor Swift?


Sweet. That haul covers a lot of musical territory. :slight_smile:


Record Store Day should be a national holiday.


Took a pass on that one, our local store had 70 copies of Taylor Swift, and they were moving fast. Amazing. My RSD purchases are under Strictly Jazz Sounds, as I posted them while queued up to pay.

I thought it was three per year.

Damn, bravo, that’s quite a haul! Did you queue up or just go in later?

I thought the special edition LPs were quite limited. 70 in a given store alone does not feel limited.

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my record store guy told me that the taylor swift was a print run of 75k - my guy had something like 6 bins full of them and he told me he fully expects them all to sell today

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I REALLY would have liked that Midlake release, but I wasn’t willing to fight the crowd for something so niche that may be left over later. The live Norah Jones “Little Broken Hearts” would have been fantastic too, although I think I read that it was gonna be released as part of the deluxe reissue. That’s easily my favorite album of hers. So underrated. I try and avoid buying re-releases but that one might just be worth it.

My shop had 150 copies of the Taylor Swift. About half were gone by the time I got in. I arrived shortly before 6 and was he queue was the longest I’ve ever seen it at that time.
Lots of people in Swift concert shirts.
Took me two hours to finally get into the shop and there were hundreds waiting after I left.
The receptionist said they wished the Taylor Swift had its own day. Kinda clogged up the system.

Went there with only one title in mind, got the Chet Baker, Chet all analogue in mono. Also picked up the Norah Jones. Almost got the Sparks, till I looked at the price $46. Many of the titles were just too expensive to justify.

I want that Norah Jones, but gonna have to chance a copy on Monday, or Discogs.

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I believe there is only one and it’s in April every year. But if there is three, make them all holidays!

I was there at 6 AM, they opened at 8 AM, and I must have been about 150th in line. This is the most I’ve seen in line at that time since before COVID. I’ve been going for so long I can recognize the regulars. This time, the line was filled with a whole bunch of people I had never seen before. I’m not sure if that was because of the Taylor Swift record or if just that many more people are getting into records. In any event, it was nice to see so many people there looking to buy records.


Now that COVID is over, I heard they are returning to once a year. However, I bet that they also do Black Friday as well.

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My store had 200 copies of Taylor Swift.

Same. Like I said. Look at the deluxe edition of the re-release coming out soon. I’d swear it had this same record included, but being a deluxe, may be rather dear.

I’m genuinely curious how it will sound as that record has a very heavily processed sound to it. By design. Danger Mouse brings his tools…

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my local store does sign-up times which is nice. I got an 8:30 slot and was there just before - a lot better than their old physical first-come-first server