Recommendation for Audio Streamer

I'm looking for an audio streamer to pair with my Sprout.  I would like the output from the streamer to be digital so I can make use of the DAC in the Sprout.  I use a wireless Netgear router.  I'd go coaxial into the Sprout with a 3.5 mm terminal that would plug into the streamer.  I use an iPhone and a Microsoft surface so I'd like the streamer to be cross platform.  I tried a Chromecast Audio, that didn't work.  I Bluetooth now, but it seems like a waste. Any suggestions?

How much do you want to pay? There are many fine streamers around like Auralic or the Aries, but they’re a bit pricey. Let us know what kind of budget you had in mind. You can always use a Sonos. The Sonos Connect sells for $349 and has a coaxial output that fits right into Sprout.

I wouldn’t spend a lot seeing that the Sprout wasn’t very expensive. Even the Sonos is a bit salty.

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I don’t know what you’re referring to by the 3.5mm to coax as streamers that do coax typically have RCA jacks. That’s what the Sprout has (the 3.5mm jacks on the Sprout are analog in/out).

That said, computer has a couple of do-it-youelf projects to build streamers on the cheap. This one has the option of a coax out:

I built an earlier project ( that used USB out and it was dead simple to build and worked fine up to 192/24. You would need to run server software on a Mac or PC (or a NAS) and a control point app (iDevice or Android) and there are multiple options for both.

Hi - will the sprout USB connection work with the AURALiC Mini streamer? I’ve read that the streamer works with dacs that do not require a driver for MAC OS X. Don’t know if the sprout does not require a driver. I would assume so but want to confirm.



Should be fine. I feed my wife’s Sprout with an old Logitech Squeezebox Touch. You’d also have the option of using the Aries Mini’s built-in DAC with the Sprout’s analog in (you’d need and RCA to stereo mini-jack cable) if you want to see which combination sounds best.

fxhanson said I'm looking for an audio streamer to pair with my Sprout.
Hi I can highly recommend the Allo DigiOne:

They have a fully assembled unit:

I bought and setup a unit for my old man (my dad) to use and it’s very very good, as John Darko has recently found out too, in that review.

For simple software to stream your music, I recommend Moode (USD10):

But it depends how comfortable you are with loading software on the Pi3’s SD card and configuring that software etc. I did it all for my old fella but he admitted he would struggle. But the result is one of the best sounding SPDIF sources under $1000 in my opinion. I’ve tried it in my DS along with many other sources over the past year and it’s right up there.

The Bluesound Node 2 is great for plug and play and integrates music streaming services really really nicely. It’s also a Roon Endpoint if you one day decide to dive into Roon later.

Edit: oh my days, I just realised I replied to a post from 2015. My bad. Hopefully this helps someone else looking for a streamer anyway.